Meet The Leadership Team

Bruce Burdon bio picture

Bruce Burdon
Acting President & CEO

NIKOLE Dunabeitia bio picture

Nikole Dunabeitia
Chief Financial Officer

Rob Pulsifer bio picture

Rob Pulsifer
Executive Vice President of Service and Controls

John CANCEL bio picture

John Cancel
Vice President of Engineering and Pre-Construction Services

Staci DESHARNAIS bio picture

Staci Desharnais
Human Resources

Rodney Pacheco bio picture

Rodney Pacheco
Vice President of
Business Development

Chris GLADFELTER bio picture

Chris Gladfelter
Controls Business Leader

AUSTIN Pingleton bio picture

Austin Pingleton
Service Manager,
North/West Florida

Scott Adler bio picture

Scott Adler
Service Manager,
South Florida

Gesus Sainz de la Maza bio picture

Gesus Sainz de la Maza
Vice President of
Service Sales

Anthony SCALONE bio picture

Anthony Scalone
Operations Manager

Shawn KOHLI bio picture

Shawn Kohli
Construction Operations Manager, South Florida

Brian DAVIS bio picture

Brian Davis
Construction Operations Manager, Melbourne

Craig CALLEY bio picture

Craig Calley
Construction Operations Manager, Tampa

Derek Back bio picture

Derek Back
Director of Safety