Jeff Phillabaum

President & CEO

Value Delivered

Jeff has been with Hill York Service Company (Hill York) since 1977 and has served in multiple positions from Project Manager to President and now as CEO. He oversees the development, delivery, pre-construction, and execution of projects to help ensure they meet and exceed expectations.

He launched hygreen, Hill York’s Energy Solutions Group, which helps provides clients with a return on investment in two years or less through energy savings.


Jeff’s overall responsibility is to inspire and guide Hill York to grow as a construction, retrofitting, service, maintenance, and controls provider within diversified markets. He is very involved with large construction sales, and with design-assist and design-build opportunities.

As a primary focus, Jeff develops new strategies and directions for Hill York, including our Energy Solutions Group, sales teams, engineering and pre-construction services, and marketing efforts.

He has a degree in mechanical engineering from Florida International University.

The Personal Side

In his free time, Jeff enjoys fast cars and slow days on the lake.