Shawn KOHLI bio picture

Shawn Kohli

Construction Operations Manager, South Florida

Value Delivered

Shawn oversees all of Hill York’s construction operations across South Florida, helping to ensure that they are carried out cost effectively and to the highest standards of quality. 

Shawn’s responsibilities include formulating strategic and operational objectives, managing budgets and financial forecasting, performing quality control and monitoring key performance indicators, and recruiting, training, and supervising staff. 

Helping Hill York grow and continue to succeed is one of Shawn’s central goals. To achieve this, he is constantly seeking out ways to improve operational management systems, examining financial data to increase profitability, and finding innovative ways to offer superior customer service. 


Shawn has over 25 years of experience in the HVAC industry. In that time, he has earned a reputation for building lasting relationships with clients and general contractors. A number South Florida’s most high-profile commercial projects are featured on Shawn’s resume, including major condos, high-rise apartments, and luxury hotels. 

Shawn attended the University of Texas at Austin, studying at their Advanced Institute for Project Management, and also attended Broward Community College where he earned a degree in business administration and management. 

The Personal Side

Outside of work, Shawn enjoys boating, fishing, clay shooting, and spending time with family.