August 2012 | Record Sales Show Growing Facilities Management Focus on Maintenance Agreements


As Hill York celebrates the Maintenance Agreement Sales Team setting a quarterly record for new contracts, this milestone signals an even greater achievement: Customers are embracing the value of preventive maintenance plans in managing their facilities more effectively.

A recent report indicated that a majority of facilities underfund maintenance. Our second quarter sales spike, however, offers compelling new evidence that Hill York’s customer education efforts on the benefits of maintenance agreements are hitting home.

“We make it a priority to inform our customers about the importance of preventive maintenance,” noted Hill York CEO Robert “Chip” Lafferty. “We like nothing better than working with them to make their indoor environments more comfortable, productive, and cost-efficient year in and year out.”
This same commitment is also the impetus behind a major new initiative at Hill York called The Comfort Champions. A dynamic internal culture that fosters exceptional customer outreach, The Comfort Champions program is built on the CHAMP pillars of success, which are Care, Help, Add Value, Mind Share, and Partner.

“Becoming true partners with our customers is the ultimate goal, and results in productive win-win relationships.” observed Lafferty.

A pioneer in reducing facility costs through preventive maintenance agreements, Hill York’s industry-leading programs have been embraced by thousands of clients looking to maintain fiscal budgets and avoid equipment breakdowns and untimely repairs.

Hill York has the expertise to not only understand a facility’s first cost of equipment, but, more importantly, the life cycle costs. As part of their maintenance plans, they conduct chiller efficiency testing and perform an annual energy benchmark of a customer’s building with an Energy Star score. In fact, Hill York is the only MSCA Green Star Certified mechanical contractor recognized by USGBC in Florida. Their knowledge and experience help customers make strategic energy efficiency decisions.

Planning for preventative maintenance is critical in preserving the life and optimization of air-conditioning equipment. Hill York celebrates the growing awareness among building managers and owners that the benefits of service agreements far outweigh the costs.

No one has a better track record for creating plans tailored to Florida’s diverse customers and industries. To arrange an equipment evaluation and get a no-obligation maintenance agreement proposal, call Hill York.

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