Strong Strides For #SafetyCHAMP As Awareness And Training Expand In 2016

safetychamp-blog-imageAt work, home and on the road, Hill Yorkers continued mastering a safety first mindset in 2016. That enlightened outlook was on display in October when open communication via Hill York’s intranet and text message platform helped everyone prepare and pull together during the Hurricane Matthew threat.

Statistically, safety highlights for the year included a reduction in workers’ comp reported injuries and a dramatic drop in at-fault vehicle accidents from 12 in 2015 to only three. But the big 2016 #SafetyCHAMP trend was an expanded focus on promoting safe practices in all areas of life.

“The level of awareness that makes safety a way of life isn’t something to be turned on and off like a faucet,” observed Hill York Safety Director Luis Moreno. “Our goal is to keep safety at the forefront of Hill Yorkers’ thoughts so that their choices throughout each day avoid risks and save lives.”

To strengthen safety attitudes and skill sets at all levels, Hill York ramped up its investment in a wide variety of training programs. Over the summer, 26 members of the construction management team completed OSHA 30, a comprehensive certification program for safety and managerial personal. An accident procedures class is planned for early 2017 to educate Hill Yorkers on how to handle everything from paper cuts to heart attacks.

In 2017, the emphasis on training for risk reduction and medical emergency procedures continues with mandatory CPR training for field personnel and CPR/infant CPR training available for all employees. Also on tap in the months ahead is a rigging and signaling safety course for service technicians, and companywide personal protective equipment (PPE) and automated external defibrillator (AED) classes.

“Whether you’re working in the field, warehouse or office, or you’re at home with your family, our ultimate #SafetyCHAMP goal is always the same,” observed Luis Moreno. “We want all Hill Yorkers to be ready and able to do what’s necessary to protect the health and wellbeing of themselves and others.”

It’s safe to say, a smarter, stronger, safer Hill York will continue to emerge in 2017 and beyond.


Hill York Broward Office Renovations Breathe New Life Into Historic Space

An interior renovation of Hill York’s main office in Fort Lauderdale is in full bloom this spring as a graceful merger of historic past and next-generation future takes shape. The ongoing project is focused on converting the older building into a contemporary flex-space environment that enhances collaboration and reflects our brand and culture as a high-tech leader in commercial air conditioning and energy solutions.

The renovation and remodeling of the office in Broward involves upgrading and reconfiguring space for improved function and efficiency. The interior design features include modified open work stations, advanced technology dispatching, and tech-friendly collaboration space.

As part of the remodeling work, new flooring and freshly painted walls are prominent throughout the office, along with sleek LED lighting fixtures in about a quarter of the space so far. To enhance energy efficiency, all existing fluorescent T8 light fixtures will eventually be replaced with the LED lights. At completion, the upgrade is expected to deliver an over 50 percent reduction in lighting energy consumption and move Hill York closer to a performance rating of 75 or above – the first step towards achieving Energy Star certification.

Along with energy smart upgrades that promote sustainability, Hill York has brought a conservation mentality to all aspect of operations, streamlining space, equipment and supplies. The approach has  found its way into a warehouse and pipe shop adjacent to the Fort Lauderdale office where state-of-the-art equipment, tools and inventory systems have created a lighter, leaner and safer way of working. Plans call for similar renovations to the West Palm Beach office.

While far from over, the comprehensive changes have already produced big benefits, reinforcing a collaborative atmosphere and promoting greater teamwork across all business units.

“We have a 60 plus year history in Broward County and this building’s been our hub through six decades of growth and innovation,” said Chip Lafferty. “We have a company culture that’s based on making life more comfortable for people. This update gives our team the comfort and flexibility to work together and accomplish great things in this location for many years to come.”


Hill York Professionals Earn OSHA 30 Certification

osha-certifiedHill York continued its rise as a jobsite safety leader by recently completing training to obtain the Occupational
Safety and Health Administration’s 30-hour certification for construction management professionals. The online course was taken by 26 members of the Hill York team, including foremen, project and service managers, superintendents, owners, and vice presidents.

“By going through this training, Hill York has fortified its commitment to maintaining safe work environments,” said Luis Moreno, Hill York Safety Director. “OSHA 30 certification is another tool that helps us field an educated staff that’s proactive in its approach to putting on-the-job safety first.”

The OSHA 30-hour course is a comprehensive program designed for safety and managerial personnel in the general industry and construction trade. The program recognizes companies that correct hazards, develop and implement effective programs, and become self-sufficient in managing occupational safety and health. Course topics include scaffolding, cranes and rigging, and excavation.

“From a culture standpoint, this is another tangible reflection of who we are and how we go about our work,” Moreno pointed out. “Hill York’s #SafetyCHAMP program has achieved exceptional results in preventing accidents and injuries. Having an OSHA-educated team makes us even stronger in our daily mission to get everyone home safe.”

Since its start up in 2014, the #SafetyCHAMP program has driven steady improvement in reducing the number of injuries and time lost by Hill York employees. Earlier this year, the company was recognized by the Associated General Contractors of America’s East Coast Chapter with a Safety Award of Excellence.

A full-service commercial air conditioning company, Hill York provides energy efficient solutions for the installation, maintenance, and repair of a wide range of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Founded in 1936, the company serves the state of Florida. For more information, visit


Hill York Takes the Lead in New Grooved Pipe Technology

Victaulic Roll Grooving ToolEarly Adoption of Victaulic Roll Grooving Tool Boosts Pipefitter Efficiency and Safety. When Hill York heard that piping solutions innovator Victaulic designed an “intelligent” roll groover with next generation efficiency and safety features, there wasn’t a moment’s hesitation. They flew a team to Victaulic’s corporate headquarters in Easton, Pennsylvania, saw the new equipment in action, and made the decision to become one of the first contractors in the country to lease it.

“Improving accuracy and productivity while getting our employees home accident free is what drives our decision making,” said Todd Aquilo, Hill York General Superintendent. “We’ve had a 25 year partnership with Victaulic and their RG5200i Intelligent Roll Grooving Tool gives our pipefitters the performance and protection we can count on 100 percent.”

Unlike competing models, Victaulic’s RG5200i uses lasers and computers to set the depth of the grooving tool, rotating pipes with hydraulic pressure to form the groove according to specifications. The new model removes the need to manually guide the pipes, allowing operators to work faster while increasing safety, ensuring reliability and maximizing efficiency.

Among the other smart technology upgrades, the RG5200i features a sensor that monitors a marked off area around the machine to create a safety barrier. If someone enters the area when the roll groover is operating, the sensor detects the movement and immediately shuts down.

“The safety mode feature eliminates the possibility that someone could accidentally become harmed,” Aquilo noted. “That’s an important layer of injury prevention that didn’t exist before.”

The RG5200i also includes built-in sensors that measure pipe diameter and groove after the roll grooving is complete. As a result, Hill York’s pipefitters can provide a document at the end of the day to engineers and owners confirming that all pipes meet specifications without additional labor-intensive measurement.

“When you look at accuracy, reliability, traceability and safety, Victaulic’s piping solution is a perfect fit for Hill York’s priorities as a safety-conscious provider of value-added services,” said Aquilo.

For pre-fabrication roll-grooving on Hill York’s commercial construction projects, working faster while eliminating risk is a task that’s gone from “mission impossible” to “mission accomplished”.

Since 1919, Victaulic ( has been the originator and world’s leading producer of mechanical pipe joining solutions. Used in the most demanding markets, Victaulic’s innovative piping technologies and services put people to work faster while increasing safety, ensuring reliability and maximizing efficiency. The company’s products have been used in many of the world’s most prestigious landmarks, global environmental projects, infrastructure development, and mission critical services.

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Slashing Energy Costs Through Building Controls Drives Strong Hill York Growth As Alerton Dealer

alerton-dealer-productsHelping Florida facility owners better manage their cooling related energy use has been a Hill York staple as a commercial HVAC mechanical contractor. Since becoming an Alerton dealer in 2014, that capability has found a fertile new channel for cutting energy consumption and boosting operating efficiency: the sale and implementation of building control systems.

Over the past year, Hill York has become one of the fastest growing Alerton dealers in the country. In Florida, it has risen among the ranks and is the largest Alerton service provider in South Florida’s tri-county region of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach.

According to Vice President of Building Solutions Rob Pulsifer, the growth in the controls market has evolved over the past six years as Hill York has carefully crafted its business model and perfected its energy service offerings. The more recent acceleration since teaming up with Alerton has created a relatively new market response that he is happy to perpetuate.

“Traditionally, any building controls business has come our way through energy projects or our existing client base that know and trust us as HVAC contractors,” Pulsifer observed. “We’ve now had project opportunities come to us strictly for our expertise as controls specialists. It’s a shift in perception that reflects what a great fit our relationship with Alerton has been.”

The alliance between long-time Florida A/C leader Hill York and building control systems pioneer Alerton is built on some solid common ground. Hill York’s energy services are a sophisticated mix of programs and technical specialties that help building owners more easily monitor and manage their cooling efficiency.

Alerton, meanwhile, has spearheaded advances in user-friendly building systems, such as their BACnet communications protocol that enables backwards compatibility to seamlessly integrate older systems with the newest building automation technology. More recently, they created the Ascent Compass Software, a controls platform that provides a dynamic interface empowering managers to monitor and control their facilities from anywhere, at any time.

Whether it’s their continued leadership role in providing integrated open communication control systems or a shared focus on developing new solutions for critical facilities, there’s one thing that building managers can expect from a Hill York – Alerton collaboration going forward. There will be plenty of comfort, operating flexibility and energy savings at their command.

Founded in 1981, Alerton is a pioneer and industry leader in providing building control systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment for all types and sizes of buildings. They have led the way in developing products based on a standard open communication protocol to give facility owners and managers flexibility in their building solutions. For more information, visit

A full-service commercial air conditioning company, Hill York provides energy efficient solutions for the installation, maintenance, and repair of a wide range of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Founded in 1936, the company serves the state of Florida. For more information, visit


Hill York’s HYStat Monitoring Helps Small Businesses Put A/C On Cruise Control.


Responding to a growing need among small and medium business owners to save on operating expenses, Hill York has launched HYStat – a 24/7 remote monitoring and fast-response A/C service.

Previously reserved for Florida’s largest facilities, the new program brings Hill York’s leading air conditioning expertise and service to facilities as small as neighborhood insurance offices, churches, barbershops, and more.

To help smaller businesses save time and money, Hill York installs HYStat smart technology thermostats to monitor cooling systems and catch problems before they become expensive and create uncomfortable conditions. For just $10 a month per piece of equipment after an initial setup fee, the program provides continuous performance analysis and an immediate response to any notification of system trouble.

“HYStat is truly changing the way HVAC maintenance is done as we harness technology that raises our industry’s service standards,” explained Hill York HYStat Manager Bob Lafferty. “Our remote diagnostic capabilities give our technicians detailed data before they even enter a building, which leads to shorter, less expensive maintenance and repair times.”

Because Hill York’s team of engineers and data analysts monitor performance on an ongoing basis from their network operations center, they’re able to make recommendations to building management that generate cost reductions and efficiency gains over the long haul. Energy savings can range from 10 to 40% for HYStat-monitored facilities. Hill York also provides its HYStat customers with an annual Unit Report Card that summarizes key data. A rating system based on equipment performance, runtime, age and physical condition allows the user to set realistic expectations for their equipment.

From any location, HYStat users are able to manage their indoor environment more effectively with an app that enables remote connectivity through smartphone, tablet or web. Feature-rich functionality includes the ability to easily view and change settings, set schedules, lock units to limit local control, and see multiple facilities all at once.

Since starting the program less than a year ago, Hill York has brought hundreds of HYStats on-line, with orders ranging from 100 for a group of buildings under one management company, to single stat installations for individual small businesses.

According to Lafferty: “The old school thinking was that you needed to invest big bucks in a maintenance contract for your cooling system with service at scheduled intervals. But maintenance contracts don’t fix day-to-day issues and the tenants pay the price. Using advanced technology backed by our experienced team, we’ve created a more cost-effective way to get service when it’s needed – not just when a maintenance contract calls for it.”

Early HYStat adopters include:

A Community Church. A 75-year-old church had a cooling system that ran at full capacity all the time and had recurring breakdowns. After two HYStat thermostats were installed in the sanctuary, they’ve been able to identify and resolve any A/C issues ahead of their Sunday services each week as well as schedule temperature setbacks to efficiently manage cooling for special events like weddings and community gatherings.

A Retail Location. Owners of an outdoor gear retail store wanted more efficiency from their cooling system. The installation of two HYStat thermostats in one of their three stores enabled them to stabilize performance, optimize energy management, and limit access to system adjustments to select personnel. They’ve since decided to make similar changes at all their Florida stores.

An Insurance Office. With locations throughout Florida, a small business insurance company wanted to monitor all of their offices from a single hub while giving managers access to control their own buildings. The HYStat solution allowed the group to put the savings from their old, out-of-date contract into a pool for service and better plan large capital decisions with the unit data provided.

A Construction Company. A general contractor was required by their landlord to have a maintenance contract on their South Florida headquarters. They elected to install six HYStat thermostats under a monitoring contract saving them on unnecessary maintenance. The monitoring and service upgrade has provided more reliable system upkeep while affordably meeting their maintenance coverage requirements under a simpler agreement.

A Country Club. A members-only golf club was having unit and humidity issues that their old A/C contractor couldn’t fix. Enter HYStat. Installed on the troubled equipment, the HYStat thermostats and sensors fed live data 24/7 to Hill York’s team of analysts. The data revealed the problem that was passed on to a Hill York technician to fix the units. After experiencing the analytical power of the smart technology, the golf club installed ten more HYStats throughout their clubhouse.

For a growing number of building owners and facility managers, putting cool air and energy savings on cruise control with Hill York’s HYStat isn’t just about smart technology. It’s a smart business decision with a year-round return on investment.

A full-service commercial air conditioning company, Hill York provides energy efficient solutions for the installation, maintenance, and repair of a wide range of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Founded in 1936, the company serves the state of Florida. For more information, visit


Hill York Wins AGC Safety Award Of Excellence

The Associated General Contractors of America’s Florida East Coast Chapter has named Hill York as a winner of its Safety Award of Excellence. The AGC honor is given to a select group of contractors who have made safety a core value and achieved exceptional results in risk avoidance and incident reduction.

“This award is a reflection of the commitment we’ve made to educating, training and rallying our employees around safety as the first priority in every situation,’ said Luis Moreno, Hill York Safety Director. “It’s why we started our #SafetyCHAMP program and how we get our team home safe on even the most demanding days.”

Since its start up in 2014, the #SafetyCHAMP program has been a catalyst for improving on-the-job risk avoidance and reducing the number of injuries and time lost by employees in Hill York’s service areas. The company turned in one of its best safety years ever in 2015, with an accident-free record at its West Palm Beach and St. Petersburg areas and a decline in reported injuries at locations in the Melbourne and Fort Lauderdale areas.

The AGC safety awards program offers members an opportunity to evaluate their safety record. The program compares a member’s record with peers according to the size of the company and construction type. Safety awards are given to those who have participated in the program for three consecutive years and have a zero incident rate or an incident rate 25 percent below each occupational division’s average.

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) is the leading association for the construction industry. AGC represents more than 26,000 firms, including over 6,500 of America’s leading general contractors, and over 9,000 specialty contracting firms.

A full-service commercial air conditioning company, Hill York provides energy efficient solutions for the installation, maintenance, and repair of a wide range of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Founded in 1936, the company serves the state of Florida. For more information, visit