Avoid the Pitfalls of Reactive Maintenance.

Florida A/C Maintenance Plans

Avoid the Pitfalls of Reactive Maintenance. –

Although operations and facility managers remain aware of the fact that regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance is a proven way to control costs and extend the life of their air conditioning, many only routinely change filters! When questioned about the subject of preventative maintenance, most facility managers said they wait until their HVAC equipment fails before taking measures to repair it. In fact, most facilities underfund maintenance. Reactive maintenance remains the norm.

This reactive approach is troubling and can be detrimental to the performance and life of your air-conditioning equipment. It may cause problems beyond repairing your malfunctioning equipment. In many cases these scenarios can result in disgruntled and unhappy tenants along with a downward spiral in productivity.

The sad truth is, most facility managers omit performing routine preventive maintenance as a means of preserving resources – there is just no money to be spent on maintenance. Well there are ways to turn a lack of resources into a potential cost savings and improve your overall bottom line. Consult with a licensed, insured and experienced Florida-based HVAC company and you will find the resources are there when you optimize the performance of your equipment.

An HVAC system maintenance/service agreement provides much more than a means of controlling energy consumption. Tenants depend on properly operating HVAC systems for health, safety, and comfort. Proper, routine HVAC system maintenance can help a building remain “healthy” by preventing mold build up while increasing energy savings and maintaining adequate indoor air quality.

Here are some reasons why Florida’s facility managers are incorporating maintenance agreements into their property management routine.

• It is necessary to operate modern building HVAC systems at optimum efficiency during the summer months.
• HVAC operation in commercial buildings is accountable for 35-40 % of a facility’s total energy use.
• A routinely maintained HVAC system running at peak efficiency costs less than it does to operate an unchecked system.
• Proper, routine HVAC system maintenance can help a building remain “healthy” by preventing mold build up.

Before selecting a South Florida air conditioning service company, look for a few vital characteristics of a successful company:

• Is a MSCA Green Star and LEED Certified contractor in Florida
• Employs licensed and trained professionals who can offer dynamic solutions to improved air quality and contamination control
• Has on staff qualified disaster recovery solutions consultants experienced in emergency management, hazardous waste operations, severe weather planning and hazard vulnerability relief
• Has a history of Florida-based, commercial air conditioning design, installation and maintenance
• Guarantees 24/7 service repair response
• Offers prompt disaster recovery response before and after events
• Presents a detailed energy saving strategy and ongoing scheduled HVAC maintenance plan

Annual preventative maintenance can reduce total maintenance costs by up to 30%. Combine this with the benefits of improved energy efficiency and maintaining a healthy building, and you will see that a Preventative HVAC maintenance agreement from Hill York is a necessary component of every property management budget.

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