Hill York’s HYStat Monitoring Helps Small Businesses Put A/C On Cruise Control.


Responding to a growing need among small and medium business owners to save on operating expenses, Hill York has launched HYStat – a 24/7 remote monitoring and fast-response A/C service.

Previously reserved for Florida’s largest facilities, the new program brings Hill York’s leading air conditioning expertise and service to facilities as small as neighborhood insurance offices, churches, barbershops, and more.

To help smaller businesses save time and money, Hill York installs HYStat smart technology thermostats to monitor cooling systems and catch problems before they become expensive and create uncomfortable conditions. For just $10 a month per piece of equipment after an initial setup fee, the program provides continuous performance analysis and an immediate response to any notification of system trouble.

“HYStat is truly changing the way HVAC maintenance is done as we harness technology that raises our industry’s service standards,” explained Hill York HYStat Manager Bob Lafferty. “Our remote diagnostic capabilities give our technicians detailed data before they even enter a building, which leads to shorter, less expensive maintenance and repair times.”

Because Hill York’s team of engineers and data analysts monitor performance on an ongoing basis from their network operations center, they’re able to make recommendations to building management that generate cost reductions and efficiency gains over the long haul. Energy savings can range from 10 to 40% for HYStat-monitored facilities. Hill York also provides its HYStat customers with an annual Unit Report Card that summarizes key data. A rating system based on equipment performance, runtime, age and physical condition allows the user to set realistic expectations for their equipment.

From any location, HYStat users are able to manage their indoor environment more effectively with an app that enables remote connectivity through smartphone, tablet or web. Feature-rich functionality includes the ability to easily view and change settings, set schedules, lock units to limit local control, and see multiple facilities all at once.

Since starting the program less than a year ago, Hill York has brought hundreds of HYStats on-line, with orders ranging from 100 for a group of buildings under one management company, to single stat installations for individual small businesses.

According to Lafferty: “The old school thinking was that you needed to invest big bucks in a maintenance contract for your cooling system with service at scheduled intervals. But maintenance contracts don’t fix day-to-day issues and the tenants pay the price. Using advanced technology backed by our experienced team, we’ve created a more cost-effective way to get service when it’s needed – not just when a maintenance contract calls for it.”

Early HYStat adopters include:

A Community Church. A 75-year-old church had a cooling system that ran at full capacity all the time and had recurring breakdowns. After two HYStat thermostats were installed in the sanctuary, they’ve been able to identify and resolve any A/C issues ahead of their Sunday services each week as well as schedule temperature setbacks to efficiently manage cooling for special events like weddings and community gatherings.

A Retail Location. Owners of an outdoor gear retail store wanted more efficiency from their cooling system. The installation of two HYStat thermostats in one of their three stores enabled them to stabilize performance, optimize energy management, and limit access to system adjustments to select personnel. They’ve since decided to make similar changes at all their Florida stores.

An Insurance Office. With locations throughout Florida, a small business insurance company wanted to monitor all of their offices from a single hub while giving managers access to control their own buildings. The HYStat solution allowed the group to put the savings from their old, out-of-date contract into a pool for service and better plan large capital decisions with the unit data provided.

A Construction Company. A general contractor was required by their landlord to have a maintenance contract on their South Florida headquarters. They elected to install six HYStat thermostats under a monitoring contract saving them on unnecessary maintenance. The monitoring and service upgrade has provided more reliable system upkeep while affordably meeting their maintenance coverage requirements under a simpler agreement.

A Country Club. A members-only golf club was having unit and humidity issues that their old A/C contractor couldn’t fix. Enter HYStat. Installed on the troubled equipment, the HYStat thermostats and sensors fed live data 24/7 to Hill York’s team of analysts. The data revealed the problem that was passed on to a Hill York technician to fix the units. After experiencing the analytical power of the smart technology, the golf club installed ten more HYStats throughout their clubhouse.

For a growing number of building owners and facility managers, putting cool air and energy savings on cruise control with Hill York’s HYStat isn’t just about smart technology. It’s a smart business decision with a year-round return on investment.

A full-service commercial air conditioning company, Hill York provides energy efficient solutions for the installation, maintenance, and repair of a wide range of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Founded in 1936, the company serves the state of Florida. For more information, visit


Hill York Wins AGC Safety Award Of Excellence

The Associated General Contractors of America’s Florida East Coast Chapter has named Hill York as a winner of its Safety Award of Excellence. The AGC honor is given to a select group of contractors who have made safety a core value and achieved exceptional results in risk avoidance and incident reduction.

“This award is a reflection of the commitment we’ve made to educating, training and rallying our employees around safety as the first priority in every situation,’ said Luis Moreno, Hill York Safety Director. “It’s why we started our #SafetyCHAMP program and how we get our team home safe on even the most demanding days.”

Since its start up in 2014, the #SafetyCHAMP program has been a catalyst for improving on-the-job risk avoidance and reducing the number of injuries and time lost by employees in Hill York’s service areas. The company turned in one of its best safety years ever in 2015, with an accident-free record at its West Palm Beach and St. Petersburg areas and a decline in reported injuries at locations in the Melbourne and Fort Lauderdale areas.

The AGC safety awards program offers members an opportunity to evaluate their safety record. The program compares a member’s record with peers according to the size of the company and construction type. Safety awards are given to those who have participated in the program for three consecutive years and have a zero incident rate or an incident rate 25 percent below each occupational division’s average.

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) is the leading association for the construction industry. AGC represents more than 26,000 firms, including over 6,500 of America’s leading general contractors, and over 9,000 specialty contracting firms.

A full-service commercial air conditioning company, Hill York provides energy efficient solutions for the installation, maintenance, and repair of a wide range of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Founded in 1936, the company serves the state of Florida. For more information, visit


What are the costs for EPA RICE NESHAP Diesel Generator Compliance?

Cat generator EPA RICE NESHAP compliance service

After completing 117 EPA RICE NESHAP diesel generator compliance upgrades, I have a pretty good feel for what a “typical” turn-key upgrade project will range in cost for generators of any make/model/size or configuration.

1st – are you certain your generator requires upgrading? I’ve run into multiple situations where the generator owner was misinformed and was about to upgrade engines that were already compliant.

Download this easy to follow Diesel Generator EPA Compliance Checklist to confirm if your engine is affected by these regulations.

“Typical” compliance upgrade cost ranges

200kW – 350kW generators (with engines under 500hp) $18,000 – $23,000

400kW – 600kW generators $26,000 – $32,000

750kW – 900kW generators $28,000 – $36,000

1,000kw to 1,300kW generators $34,000 – $40,000

1,500kW to 2,000kW generators $40,000 – $70,000

What does “typical” mean?

RICE NESHAP diesel generator compliance upgrades require installing a diesel oxidation catalyst. Most commonly, we’ll be replacing the engine’s exhaust silencer (muffler) with a new silencer that incorporates a diesel oxidation catalyst. What I describe as “typical” is a generator installation where the exhaust silencer is visible and accessible from outdoors. Like what’s pictured above.

What can increase the costs?

  • Existing exhaust silencer is located indoors or inside a generator enclosure
  • Upgrading to Stainless Steel vs. painted Carbon Steel.
  • Replacing silencer insulation
  • Access limitations – large silencers can weigh #1,500 or more!
  • Over-designed solutions
  • Screen walls
  • Temporary backup generation*

What needs to be included?

  • Installation of a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst sized to reduce CO (Carbon Monoxide) emissions by a minimum of 70% or reduce CO to below 23ppm (>500hp) or 49ppm (<500hp)
  • Install a non-resettable hour meter to record annual run time, if needed.
  • Complete an EPA approved “Performance Test” to demonstrate compliance with the new regulations within 180 days of the formal rule notification May 2nd 2016
    • Note: this test is only done after the catalyst has been installed. There is no requirement to conduct an emissions pre-test.
  • Electronically monitor the Catalyst 24/7/365 (all engines >500hp)
  • Install a crankcase ventilation system
  • Use Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel in diesel engines – NOTE: today only Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel is available.
  • Keep appropriate records of fuel consumption and demonstrate required annual maintenance
  • Maintain a Site Specific Monitoring Plan – engines >500HP. Many providers miss providing this, which could be trouble. Your Site Specific Monitoring Plan will be the first document requested by the EPA, when your site is audited.
  • Make regular notifications to the Federal EPA and DEP (Florida Department of Environmental Protection)

*Do I need a backup generator during the project?

The majority (around 95%) of the 117 upgrade projects I’ve managed did not include a temporary backup generator… and there’s a good reason why; for many projects temporary backup generator can increases the length of time there’s no backup power available.

Yes, you read that correctly! If your concern is to minimise the amount of time your facility is without a backup generator, after consulting with your contractor, you may choose to not use a temporary generator during the project. Here’s why…

Temporary generators can take up to three or four hours to connect. The process often requires using the same electrical connections used by the existing generator. After taking your existing generator out of service, those connections are removed and the temporary connections are made.

During that 4 hour connection window, your facility has no backup available and there’s no quick way to revert back. Then consider the whole process needs to be reversed to disconnect the temporary. All totaled, you may be looking at 8 or more hours of exposure without any generator emergency backup.

During one of our typical projects, we may only need 2-3 hours to perform the work that requires the generator be out of service.

So, how can we help?

John Macgowan or 727-432-5335


Revised EPA RICE NESHAP Rules Now Affect Duke Energy Customers

EPA RICE NESHAP revised rule affecting Duke Energy demand response program
You can click the image to download a copy of this April 15th letter.

The EPA regulations known as RICE NESHAP, which allowed emergency rated diesel generators to participate in Duke Energy’s demand response programs for up to 100 hours, changed on Monday May 2nd, 2016.

The revised regulation now requires RICE NESHAP non-emergency rated generators for program participation. These regulations mandate an EPA Performance Compliance test for each generator engine. 

Participating generator owners, served by Duke Energy, will have until December 31st 2016 to certify that their engines are RICE NESHAP non-emergency compliant, or lose the substantial savings offered for participation.

You can download a copy of Duke Energy’s April 19th rate tariff revision request here.

Is your diesel generator affected?

There are multiple factors that need to be considered; date of engine manufacture and/or installation, horsepower, Tier Level and location type. Here’s an easy to follow Diesel Generator EPA Compliance Checklist  we created to help our customers throughout Florida.

Would you’d prefer to have the peace of mind that comes from having a trusted expert conduct a no obligation compliance review of your generators?

Schedule a site visit by contacting John Macgowan at 727-432-5335 or by email

These regulations are very confusing = it pays to have a second opinion. We recently saved the City of Port St. Lucie $110,000 after discovering that they had been misinformed by their generator service company. Our precise knowledge of the RICE NESHAP regulations identified that the city’s generators did not require compliance upgrades. You can download a copy of the ‘Thank You’ letter we received here.

Get a second opinion on rice neshap compliance


#SafetyCHAMP Controlling Emotions While Driving

Our emotions play a vital role when we are driving. Having a heated argument with your spouse or feeling stressed over financial challenges will hamper your ability to think and reason while on the road. It is imperative that you control your emotions while driving and focus on driving safely.

Being upset, allowing rage, and impatience are all attitudes and emotions that could adversely affect your ability to observe the road and avoid hazardous situations. These types of emotions can cause you to concentrate on the negative event and not on your driving. We should always avoid heated or bothersome conversations while driving as studies have demonstrated that a heated conversation is almost as hazardous as driving while under the influence. While having good driving skills and attitudes are important, avoiding a bad attitude while driving will enhance your safety on the road.

#SafetyCHAMP Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Unfortunately, we now live in a world much more dangerous than when we were growing up. Taking safety precautions will increase your personal safety. Always be alert and be aware of your surroundings; your safety and that of your family depends on your awareness of potentially dangerous situations.

Whether you are making a trip to the ATM, out shopping, or walking through a parking lot, you must always pay attention not only to those around you but also the potential situations that could leave you vulnerable. Take the blindfolds off and be aware of the many things to see, hear, feel, and smell before you get out of your vehicle. To maintain your safety, you must train yourself to be alert and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Your personal, and that of your family’s, safety depends on it.

“Your staff was great at the service provided.”

“On behalf of Grand Beach Hotel Surfside I would like to say thank you for your assistance with the cleaning and maintenance on the cooling tower. Your staff was great at the service provided from Mario, Ivan & Jonathan and Mariano who also assisted. They were all very engaged with the scope of work and all work was met with customer satisfaction.”


#SafetyCHAMP- Accident Prevention

All accidents are preventable. In most cases it is the hazardous decisions we make or distraction while walking or performing a task. Accidents can happen to ANYONE on a construction job, at the office, or on a service call. EVERYONE should know how accidents can be recognized, and prevented.

The Seven Root Causes of an Accident

It might involve walking a few feet to lock-out and tag a switch, get a better tool, or get a better view. It might involve spending a few extra seconds to wait for the “walk” signal, or get a better view of the roadway before entering the roadway.There are seven common root causes people have accidents:

  1. Taking Shortcuts
  2. Being Over-Confident
  3. Starting a Task with Incomplete Instructions
  4. Poor Housekeeping
  5. Ignoring Safety Procedures
  6. Mental Distractions
  7. Failure to Pre-Plan the Work

Ask yourself which of these seven root causes can I improve on? Even in the office we ignore good housekeeping or in our vehicles were a cup or bag can roll under the accelerator. Be alert and conscientious of your surroundings and on the tasks you’re performing.

Safety is everyone’s business; at home and at work

Hill York Air Conditioning Services & Energy Solutions to Exhibit at Miami Small Business Expo

Miami, FL – February, 2016 – Hill York announces that it will exhibit at MIAMI SMALL BUSINESS EXPO®, March 3, 2016. The expo is located at the Miami Beach Convention Center. For more information, and free registration, visit the Miami event page.

The day-long conference and trade show, which travels throughout the country’s top cities for small business, brings together industry thought leaders and experts in a hands-on environment that features more than 20+ free business critical workshops and programs along with 100+ interactive booths, demos and brand exhibits. Headlining the event is Bill Walsh, Founder and CEO of Powerteam International with his presentation “The 7 Keys to Build a Mega-Successful Business” on the Inspiration 2020 Showcase Theater stage.

Start-ups and business owners can take advantage of free admission and educational workshops covering online/social media marketing, employee benefit plans, credit and financing, strategies for increasing revenue and team productivity, mentoring, cloud technologies, retirement plans, and more. Small Business Expo expects to have more than 4,000+ registered attendees from across the Miami metropolitan area shopping for business resources, developing business leads, gaining new insights, and networking with peers.

“Experts tell us that more and more Miami residents are wanting to take the entrepreneurial leap,” says event founder Zachary Lezberg, “but that the biggest barrier to starting a new business is that people don’t think they can” he adds, “With the program we’ve put together, we believe our attendees will feel more empowered by the end of the day.”

This year’s Titanium Sponsor: Powerteam International will be joined by Platinum Sponsors: Emerge212, Paychex; Gold Sponsor: AT&T, Vistaprint; and Silver Sponsors: Benchmark Email, Berkman Financial, BizTV, BizTalk Radio, CALAS Group, ComplyRight, eBillity, EDDM2go, Geico, North American Bancard, VEDC and

MIAMI SMALL BUSINESS EXPO will take place at the Miami Beach Convention Center Hall C – 1901 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139 from 9:30 am until 5:30pm. Hill York will be located at Exhibitor Booth 111.

For media inquiries, or complimentary press passes please contact: Alicia Cortez, 212-651-0698,

About Hill York

Since 1936, Hill York has been a full-service commercial air conditioning company, providing system maintenance, service, repairs, energy solutions and installation for a wide range of commercial heating, cooling and ventilation systems. When you call Hill York, you don’t just get a service provider. You get a partner who cares about your comfort and success. Our team has the skills and experience to offer the best service performance in the region. We push harder, dig deeper, and go further to give you the wow experiences you deserve. For more information, visit, or call telephone number 866-525-4200.

About Small Business Expo

SMALL BUSINESS EXPO® is the nation’s largest small business networking and learning event, and an Inc. 5000 company. Every year, over 65,000 small business professionals and entrepreneurs across the country attend the SMALL BUSINESS EXPO in 14 MAJOR US Markets to take their business to the next level. The show’s owner, Film, Stage & ShowBiz Expo LLC. was founded in 2008 by Zachary Lezberg. The company’s headquarters are located at 555 8th AVE Suite 909 New York, NY 10018. For more information, visit, call (212) 404-2345, or email: info@ . For additional information, follow and connect on our social networks:




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