Two Florida Cities Rank in the Top 25 for ENERGYSTAR

The ENERGY STAR Program, operating out of the US Department of Energy, just released their top 25 cities for energy efficient buildings for 2018 with two major Florida cities claiming a spot. Miami, a veteran on the list since 2012, came in at number 21 while Tampa ranked at number 16 in its first year. To be recognized on this list, Miami certified 106 buildings in 2017 totaling over 23.7 million sqft. and  Tampa certified 154 buildings totaling about 26.3 million sqft. The top two cities of Los Angeles and Washington, DC both had over 660 buildings certified that covered more than 145 million sqft. This is the first time in the lists’ nine year run that two Florida cities have made the list.

ENERGY STAR certified buildings are verified to be more energy efficient than 75% of similar buildings nationwide and use, on average, 35% less energy than typical buildings.  This has a direct effect of building operations’ budgets and something that Hill York has a proven track record of achieving. Please contact Hill York’s Technical Services Group to get started with an energy efficiency benchmark.


Cities Set New ENERGY STAR Benchmarking Requirements

As I referenced in a post earlier this week, business driven markets and government policy go hand in hand with Energy Solutions. With the consistent trend toward long-lasting infrastructure improvements and smarter buildings in most industries across the country, it’s no wonder why we see government policy working to accelerate the savings of both money and energy.

Government regulation can be on a macro (federal) level between countries and a micro (city) level, like the movements we are seeing today. Cities across the nation are adopting policies requiring building owners to benchmark and publicly report on their energy use through ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager.

Adding to the list of 17 in the past months, Portland, Atlanta, and Berkeley join cities like New York, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Denver, and Philadelphia as municipalities that are making it easy for Energy Solutions to be implemented. It’s only a matter of time before Florida cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville enact policies that require ENERGY STAR Benchmarking. When they do, Hill York will be there as an ENERGY STAR Partner with over 6 years experience and a Portfolio of over 100 buildings benchmarked already.

Study Ranks Cities’ Energy Efficiency Policies

Energy efficiency in large cities is the most effective way save resources, protect the health of the community, and catalyze the local economy. This week, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released their 2015 City Energy Efficiency Scorecard that takes the 51 largest US metropolitan statistical area (MSA) populations and grades them in the five categories below.

•Local government operations
•Community-wide initiatives
•Buildings policies
•Energy and water utilities
•Transportation policies

The intricate scoring system placed Boston in the top spot with 82 out of the possible 100 points. Following after Boston was New York City, Washington DC, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, Austin, and Denver to round out the top 10. The four Florida cities on the list, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, all scored in the bottom 50% with Orlando scoring the best at 33.5 points.

Compiling this information in one place with yearly reporting is the ideal way to drive change. The old saying that “you can’t manage what you don’t measure first” holds true. This is the second year this report has been released and cities averaged an increase in their scores by 2 points. Energy efficiency is an important tool for both business and home to save money, save energy, and protect the environment. Florida cities have their work cut out for them and this is an exciting time to be a driving force in the energy efficiency industry.

Energy Efficiency Solutions with ENERGY STAR Data Trends

Hill York Energy Solutions utilizes data and systems from the US Department of Energy called, ENERGY STAR. The ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool allows Hill York to benchmark buildings in our portfolio and compare energy use to similar buildings around the country.

That being said, ENERGY STAR has a plethora of information that is available to anyone and everyone who wants to learn about energy efficiency for work or for home.
Data Trends, visualizations compiled from all of the information in Portfolio Manager to track trends and report findings, was recently released by ENERGY STAR. The Data Trends took the comprehensive data from all building types and focused on reporting upon the specific characteristics about similar buildings.

Each two page PDF takes the information for the sector and builds a report that gives helpful visual data as well as easy-to-read paragraphs explaining the data and highlighting important or interesting facts. For example, the illustration above depicts the states that have benchmarked offices in the Unites States with the darkest blue being the most. It also explains a typical operating profile for a building so that anyone can explain why some offices are more efficient than others.

The use of big data like this to improve the efficiency of commercial buildings cannot be overstated. With so much data at its fingertips, ENERGY STAR has visualized information for thousands of buildings across the country and made it easy to access so that all property owners can benefit. The first step to managing a building and its energy use is to first measure it, create a benchmark, and set goals for reduction; ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is the perfect tool to accomplish this. Check out the different sectors that these Data Trends were created for and read the ones for the sector you are interested in here.

April 15 | Orange County Public Schools Re-Signs Hill York for Maintenance Services

For the sixth consecutive year, Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) has entrusted Hill York Air Conditioning & Energy Solutions to handle maintenance on their growing family of educational facilities.

“Our partners at OCPS have a keen understanding of the connection between preventative maintenance and providing their students and staff with comfortable environments for productive learning experiences,” said Hill York’s Vice President of Central Florida Operations. “We are grateful to them for putting their confidence in us.”

OCPS is the 10th largest public school system in the nation and fourth largest in Florida, operating a base of approximately 390 schools ranging from elementary level through high school. Hill York conducts annual preventative maintenance service at about 150 of the schools, servicing chillers, cooling towers, pumps and ancillary equipment along with handling the chemical treatment of their chilled water and condenser water circulating loops. In addition to once-a-year preventative maintenance, the school system receives a discounted labor rate for service outside of the contract.

The OCPS-Hill York partnership began in 2009, with performance-driven contract renewals awarded each year through May 2016. A Florida pioneer in preserving and extending the life of commercial air conditioning systems, Hill York’s maintenance programs have been embraced by a new generation of building owners challenged to follow strict fiscal budgets and minimize equipment problems and downtime.

A full-service commercial air conditioning company, Hill York provides energy efficient solutions for the installation, maintenance, and repair of a wide range of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Founded in 1936, the company serves the state of Florida.

Download: April 15 | Orange County Public Schools Re-Signs Hill York for Maintenance Services | Press Release PDF

March 15 | Energy Solutions Group Captures Clients Over $6 Million In Savings

Facility Efficiency Projects Answer Call For Energy and Cost Reductions

Implementing cost-saving energy conservation programs is a challenge that’s become a high priority for Florida’s building owners. For Hill York, the state’s leading commercial air conditioning company, the growing need for comprehensive services prompted the launch six years ago of their Energy Solutions Group.

With $1.8 million in energy savings earned for clients in 2014 and over $6 million since 2008, Hill York’s all-out commitment to boost efficiency and reduce utility costs is bagging notable benefits. Out of 30 completed energy projects, they’ve realized a remarkable 102% of projected savings. Such success is hardly by chance. Their meticulously-developed system is driven by technical expertise and client collaboration and anchored by a third party validated process endorsed by agencies such as the U.S. Department of Energy and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

“Improving energy efficiency is a highly technical, multi-faceted enterprise,” said Rob Pulsifer, Hill York’s vice president of energy solutions. “We have a team of Certified Energy Managers, LEED Accredited Professionals, Certified Demand Side Management Professionals, and Energy Engineering Specialists that partner with clients to determine the best course of action on a case by case basis.”

Employing a co-authored approach that addresses specific issues and objectives, Hill York’s energy programs are strategically designed to be self-funding through sustained efficiency gains and cost savings. Specialized offerings include energy management systems, chiller plant optimization, and energy service agreements, with the programs typically producing energy reductions ranging from 20 to 40 percent and some results as high as 60 percent. Among the client success stories:

  • Hill York designed and built a Central Energy Plant for Nova Southeastern University that is recognized as one of the largest energy storage systems in the United States. It’s on track to save NSU over $17.3 million over the life of the system.
  • ICORR Properties International’s partnership with Hill York earned the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® certification for superior efficiency at One Sarasota Tower. The office building’s overall energy consumption dropped by an annual average of 34%.
  • Hill York spearheaded six energy conservation measures at the City of Port St. Lucie’s main municipal complex. The program is projected to save the city in excess of $154,000 a year.
  • A major infrastructure improvement project at Leesburg Regional Medical Center was conducted by Hill York to increase energy efficiency and facility comfort. In the two years since its completion, it has reduced operating expenses by over $175,000 a year.

“We’ve been crafting our business model and perfecting our energy services for six years now,” observed Pulsifer, who noted that Hill York’s energy-related projects have swelled from one in 2008 to 35 in 2014. “As we plan and carry out the most results-minded programs in the industry, seeing many of our clients achieve record efficiency and savings is an exciting signal for us to keep forging forward.”

More energy-conscious building owners will no doubt follow Hill York’s lead as they create sustainable futures for facilities, communities and the environment.

A full service commercial air conditioning company, Hill York provides system maintenance, service, repairs, energy solutions, and installation for a wide range of heating, cooling and ventilations systems. Founded in 1936, the company serves the state of Florida.

Download: March 15 | Hill York Helps Energy Grant Hopefuls Win Funding, Retrofit Facilities | Press Release PDF

March 15 | Hill York Helps Energy Grant Hopefuls Win Funding, Retrofit Facilities

A long-time partner with Florida building owners in cutting energy use and boosting operating efficiency, Hill York has recently proven to be an able ally in getting results for state energy grant candidates.

Only four of the 25 applicants for Florida’s Energy Efficient Retrofits for Public Facilities Grant Program have been awarded full funding. Hill York co-authored the grant submissions for two of them.

“Enhancing efficiency and reducing operating costs requires expertise in many technical areas,” said Rob Pulsifer, Hill York’s vice president of energy solutions. “With our convergence of services strategy, we look at everything that can influence efficiency and write the grant application from a foundation of complete facility knowledge and project planning insight. We’re now three for three in grant writing, so our track record speaks for itself.”

Hill York’s approach was a formula for success in winning the full $75,000 in available grant funds for both the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale and the Salvation Army of Palm Beach County. The Coral Ridge Church project involves a comprehensive energy efficiency program that encompasses new HVAC equipment, repaired insulation, and a new energy management system. The Salvation Army work calls for the implementation of energy management systems at multiple facilities.

“The convergence of services provided by our energy solutions team encompasses benchmarking, building analysis, project development, construction and implementation, and continuous monitoring of building systems,” noted Pulsifer. “It’s been the key to achieving big gains in long-term energy savings and facility efficiency for many of our public and private sector customers.”

As announced recently by Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam, the Hill York projects are two of only 18 around the state awarded grants to retrofit public buildings for enhanced energy efficiency.

“Improving energy efficiency in buildings used by the public will save energy and save taxpayer dollars,” Putnam pointed out.

Qualifying projects include replacing indoor lighting, insulation upgrades, replacement of HVAC units and ducts, and installation of energy management systems. The grant program is funded under the State Energy Program with approximately $1.1 million allocated by the U.S. Department of Energy.

A full-service commercial air conditioning company, Hill York provides system maintenance, service, repairs, energy solutions and installation for a wide range of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Founded in 1936, the company serves the state of Florida.

Download: March 15 | Hill York Helps Energy Grant Hopefuls Win Funding, Retrofit Facilities | Press Release PDF

January 2015 | Treasure Coast Announces New President

STUART- Treasure Coast Executives’ Association announces that Mike Senecal of Hill York will be our President, effective January 1st. Mike looks forward to serving our members with the able leadership of Robert Dees, Vice President; Vince Razzino, Treasurer; and directors Derek Villar, Scott Smith and Jack Ahern. Thank you to John Baker of Accurate Septic Services, Inc. for his leadership these past six months, and welcome aboard to our new officers and directors. Walt will stay on the board as Immediate Past President.

Treasure Coast Executives’ Association (TCEA), founded in 2008, is a prestigious networking organization made up of the area’s top business leaders, and part of a nationwide network of similar associations whose beginnings date back to the 1920’s. TCEA is the premier place to come to do business. TCEA members connect with the area’s finest firms, professions and industries, providing access to a group of executives with the level of experience and authority that can’t be found elsewhere on the Treasure Coast. For additional information regarding TCEA please contact Ashley Sexton, Executive Director, at (772) 245-7360.

Overview of Board Members:
Mike Senecal – Hill York: As a family-owned, full-service commercial air conditioning company, Hill York provides system maintenance, service, energy upgrades and installation for a wide range of commercial heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

John Baker – Accurate Septic Services, Inc.:
Accurate Septic Services, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business, established in 1998. With one truck, a dream and a desire to become the
premier customer service based septic, plumbing service, hauling and transportation provider. Vince Razzino – Pascale, Razzino Alexanderson & Co., PLLC: Pascale, Razzino Alexanderson & Co., PLLC was formed in October 1999. The firm provides tax, accounting and consulting services to a variety of clientele. Consulting services include general business, forensic accounting, cost analysis, and litigation support.

Derek Villar – Treasure Cost Power Systems:
Treasure Coast Power Systems offers, installs and services top quality generators and equipment. The business is committed to ensure that customers have long lasting reliable emergency power.

Jack Ahern – Ahern & Associates, P. A.:
Ahern and Associates, P.A. specializes in architectural services. With over 20 years of experience in the Treasure Coast you can rely on them for all of your architectural needs.

Robert (Bob) Dees:
A Smart Start Building Inspections, Inc.: Smart Start Building Inspections specialize in residential, commercial, air quality, mold, 4-point and windstorm inspections. They pride themselves on professionalism, integrity and service.

Scott Smith – Firestone:
Firestone knows that they have many customers with various needs, that’s why they created the Firestone Complete Auto Care program. They pride themselves on offering the best customer service, quality products and the right solutions for all of our auto care needs. Scott Smith joined Firestone in 1991 and serves as the general manager of the Jensen Beach location.

Download: January 2015 | Treasure Coast Announces New President | Press Release PDF

December 2014 | Hill Yorkers Deliver Smiles to Foster Children With Holiday Toy Drive Donations

4kidslogoSometimes making life more comfortable means bringing kids some holiday happiness. That’s what Hill Yorkers at the Broward and West Palm Beach offices did as they joined forces in support of 4KIDS of South Florida’s Gift of Hope Toy Drive.

Culminating a weeks-long campaign to benefit local foster children who would otherwise go without, Hill York employees made donations to fuel a substantial toy-buying shopping spree.

“Hill Yorkers are called Comfort Champions for a reason,” said CEO Chip Lafferty. “I am continually proud of the way our employees take action to care for the needs of our customers, our community and each other.”

Employees showed their support by either selecting a designated gift request and buying the item for a child, purchasing a gift after reviewing a list of toys in demand, or providing a monetary donation.

Corinne Berry from the West Palm Beach office got the shopping task, battling Black Friday crowds to gather the goodies. Colleague Brian Haber made the delivery to 4KIDS of South Florida in a filled-to-capacity Hill York vehicle.

“It’s a feel-good mission,” said Berry. “There are a lot of children in need out there and bringing some Christmas joy into their lives is a rewarding experience for the givers and receivers alike.”

4KIDS of South Florida ( is a not-for-profit organization that works directly with abused, neglected and abandoned children.


October 2014| Hill York Volunteers Go For The Glory At Goliath Gauntlet Race Benefiting Sheridan House

goliath-1They scaled walls, jumped fences, and hiked along logs moored in muddy waters. And with every obstacle conquered, they faced another in its place. As participants in the notoriously strenuous Goliath Gauntlet race, it’s what a team of 18 Hill York volunteers signed up for, relishing every grueling “no guts, no glory” moment. It took a total team effort with lots of support and encouragement every step along the way to cross the finish line together. In the end, no Hill Yorker was left behind.

“We knew we were in for a rough time and that’s the fun of it,” said Hill York team captain Sonny Ng. “Recognizing that 100 per cent of the event proceeds go to support the children’s homes at Sheridan House makes it a labor of love.”

Hosted at the Sheridan House Campus in Davie, the Goliath Gauntlet is a physically and mentally challenging 3.5 mile race over and through difficult terrain, water and obstacles that tests strength and endurance. Participants navigate 20 obstacles in a series of back-to-back obstructions and barriers.

“The event slogan was ‘Go-Liath or Go Home’,” Ng noted. “We Hill Yorkers take pride in going the distance in everything we do, so there was no question we were crossing that finish line even if we had to crawl our way there.”

A long-time supporter of Sheridan House, Hill York has held food and clothing drives and hosted a monthly Bible study luncheon by Dr. Bob Barnes, President of Sheridan House Family Ministries. Its outreach campaign, “Hill York Helps: Comforting Those In Need,” engages employees in four offices throughout Florida in a company-wide effort to volunteer a combined total of 500 hours in their communities for a diverse range of charitable causes.

Sheridan House was established in 1968 as a home for boys with behavioral issues. Since then, the Sheridan House Residential Program has grown from one home caring for eight boys to multiple homes caring for many at-risk middleschool aged boys and girls each year. In addition to residential care for children, the charity conducts marriage and parenting seminars and offers counseling, training and assistance to parents and single mothers.

A full-service commercial air conditioning company, Hill York provides system maintenance, service, repairs, energy solutions and installation for a wide range of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Founded in 1936, the company serves the state of Florida.