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Maximizing Chiller Performance in Your Sarasota School. –

Schools can lower energy expenses dramatically by increasing the efficiency of their current chiller using sustainable energy solutions. By doing so they may also earn the district a sizeable rebate from Tampa Electric. To maximize the return on investment on a new chiller, many schools will also implement a wireless energy management system to monitor and verify chiller system performance. Advanced wireless management systems can track:

• Energy use and temperature changes so the facilities manager can make adjustments to fit the schools’ specific cooling requirements
• Cost savings—monitor how even small degree temperature changes can reduce energy expenses by up to 3%
• Load profiles—increase load efficiencies by matching multiple building loads and accessing the most efficient chiller first
• Potential peak demands—track and alert operations management to specific times during the day of peak heating and cooling demands
• Cooler performance—maintain peak chiller performance and efficiencies

Wireless energy management solutions protect your investment and monitor the air conditioning system in your school saving both time and money. Real time data is sent directly to your dedicated computer system, providing you access 24/7.

How to Get the Most from Your Air Conditioning in Schools

Building managers need to think “green” and “wireless” when it comes to optimizing the air conditioning system in their Sarasota school. With energy costs on the rise and school budgets being reduced, administrators have no choice but to make smart decisions.

Instead of laying off personnel or cutting programs, Sarasota schools can tap into monitoring their school’s energy usage to reduce spending.

Before leaping into new technology, do your homework about finding the right HVAC contractor. There are only a handful of qualified Florida air conditioning contractors that specialize in wireless technologies. Schools interested in retrofitting their air conditioning system to optimize efficiency, should consider several factors before partnering with a Florida HVAC company:

• Look for a company that is MSCA Green Star Certified
• Partner with an HVAC company that can furnish a lengthy list of customers who have implemented a wireless management system
• Ask the contractor how they company would retro-fit a greener air conditioning system to meet the design drawbacks presented in the current structure
• Inquire about LEED credits and whether the contractor is an accredited professional

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