Case Study: ADP Miami Headquarters


Hill York’s Energy Solutions Group implemented an array of energy conservation measures to help CBRE | Global Corporate Services improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance indoor comfort at the ADP Miami headquarters building.

Project Name and Location:

ADP Miami
10200 SW Sunset Drive
Miami, Florida 33173

Client/Owner Contact:

Brandon Pentolino
Senior Facilities Manager
CBRE | Global Corporate Services

General Contractor:

Hill York Air Conditioning & Energy Solutions
2125 S. Andrews Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Completion Date:

June 2015

Project Scope:

As a world leader in commercial real estate outsourcing services, CBRE | Global Corporate Services takes a proactive approach to optimizing their clients’ facility management, energy efficiency and cost containment. At the heart of their infrastructure improvement strategy is a focus on replacing systems near the end of their life cycles, investing in green initiatives and ENERGY STAR® certification efforts, and lowering carbon emissions through reduced utility consumption.

When a 15-month evaluation of client building systems revealed a high percentage near the end of their useful lifecycle, CBRE sought bids from companies experienced in upgrading facilities with sustainable energy conservation programs. Hill York’s Energy Solutions Group prepared a comprehensive engineering assessment of CBRE’s ADP Miami property, the 92,100 square foot corporate headquarters of the international human resources consulting firm.

Among the findings that dramatized significant room for improvement was a total annual electricity cost that was 30% higher than the industry average according to the Commercial Building Energy Consumption Services (CBECS) database. The building’s ENERGY STAR® performance rating, meanwhile, placed it in the middle of the pack when compared to facilities of similar size and type. Hill York’s detailed utility bill and rate structure analysis, system review, and data logging of existing operating conditions earned the confidence of CBRE and a green light to move ahead with the project.

Applying a resourceful combination of project management and convergence of services expertise, Hill York launched a fast-track implementation of energy conservation measures in several critical areas. Working after hours and on weekends to minimize disruption to ADP’s operations, the HVAC installation team replaced existing DX rooftop package units and split systems with new high efficiency units.

To ensure maximum sustainable efficiency and savings, an Alerton direct digital control system was installed to provide temperature reset during moderate outdoor conditions and unoccupied building hours. Fine-tuning building performance even further, technicians set up a demand control ventilation system for the office areas and kitchen that monitors cooling activity and controls operation. The control strategy provides ventilated air on an as-needed basis, reducing building cooling loads and energy use during off hours.

With all three phases of the project completed, Hill York’s multifaceted energy conservation program is on track to be a cost savings super achiever for CBRE. The company’s investment of $785,000 in facility and infrastructure improvements at the ADP Miami headquarters is projected to bring an estimated energy savings of $63,063 a year. Along with generating a 28% reduction in annual electricity costs, the program is expected to qualify for approximately $5,370 in incentives through local utility rebate programs.

The long-term rewards loom even larger. Hill York’s emphasis on co-authored solutions that produce self-funding life cycle benefits delivers the ultimate return on investment: The entire program will be fully paid for out of utility savings over the useful life of the systems with plenty of tenant comfort and energy-smart building efficiency along the way.

Download: Hill York and ADP Miami Headquarters Press Release (PDF)