Case Study: ICORR Properties International, Phase I, II, III


Project Name and Location: ICORR Properties International
2 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL
Phase I – Energy Efficient Controls
Phase II – Chilled Water Conversion
Phase III – VAV Controls
Client/Owner Contact: Earl Fossum, Vice President
ICORR Properties International
General Contractor: Hill York, 501 A Interstate Ct., Sarasota, FL 34240, 941.379.4535

Completion Date:
Phase I – April 2011
Phase II – July 2012 (Projected)
Phase III – February 2012

Project Scope: Phase I – This phase of the program was developed and implemented for two reasons. First, provide proof of concept to the owner. Second, to create a savings stream that would help fund future capital improvement projects. The scope of work included advanced building controls including demand control ventilation, optimal start time, variable frequency drive technology, etc. Hill York has been monitoring and reporting on the actual savings realized which have exceeded $77,000 annually, 121% of projected savings and included utility company rebates.

Phase II – Since the return on investment in the Phase I project was significant, it offered excess savings over the life expectancy of the equipment which was reinvested into needed infrastructure improvements at the facility. These investments included new air handling units and chillers that offer amongst the highest operational efficiencies on the market. The chillers utilize magnetic bearing technology which offers superior efficiency and sound attenuation. Phase II savings projections of over $100,000 annually are expected between energy savings and operations & maintenance reductions.
Phase III – The final phase of the program included a complete retrofit of the building VAV controls. The project involved system integration through Honeywell’s Trend line of controls where the VAV controls, air handlers and chillers would all be controlled and communicate through a common controls platform. The end user can access the program from anywhere in the world with the appropriate login information. Hill York can also access the system to continue identifying means of reducing energy costs, remotely troubleshoot system failures, and help minimize downtime.

At the completion of all three phases, One Sarasota Tower will have reduced its overall energy consumption by over 33% and should qualify for the prestigious Energy Star Building designation from the Department of Energy creating yet another avenue to promote the facility as one of Sarasota’s Premiere Class A commercial office spaces.

Download: ICORR Properties International Case Study (PDF)