Case Study: New Vision Eye Center


Hill York engineered a turnkey energy management system to help New Vision Eye Center obtain greater control over their indoor climate and cooling costs.

Project Name and Location: New Vision Eye Center | 1055 37th Place | Vero Beach, FL 32960
Client/Owner Contact: Mike Minotty, Facility Manager | New Vision Eye Center
Completion Date: May 2014

Project Scope: 19,000 square foot single story building has surgical suites, patient areas, and administrative offices that all have different climate control requirements.

Less than two years after moving into the building, New Vison’s management team grew alarmed at excessive energy bills and an overall lack of control of their HVAC system. Turning to Hill York for help, they cited a litany of issues, including air constantly running at peak capacity and extreme cold in the surgical suites that caused the medical staff to wear extra layers of clothes to keep warm.

Conducting a detailed assessment of the facility’s systems, Hill York’s Energy Solutions Group quickly zeroed in on a major problem: The originally designed HVAC control strategy called for systems to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of occupancy.

“With a four-day-a-week surgical schedule and normal business hours for the eye center, this control platform was extremely out of sync with New Vision’s operational needs,” observed Rob Pulsifer, Hill York’s vice president of energy solutions. “We knew right away that many of the energy inefficiencies resulted from a flawed engineering approach that didn’t consider the best use of the facility’s mechanical systems and their controls.”

Project Solution: As a member of the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE), Hill York’s expertise in optimizing health care physical environments consistently achieved client goals and passed Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) inspections. With New Vision in need of major changes to get costs and comfort back on track, the project team recommended a comprehensive energy management system.

Hill York implemented advanced energy control strategies including temperature setbacks, discharge air reset, modulation of outside air, and many more. Supporting the effort from the top down, technicians applied their specialized knowledge of the intricacies of sophisticated rooftop systems to ensure that the equipment would run only when needed and ramp down during non-business hours. With no interruption to the eye center’s day to day operations, Hill York’s cost saving turnkey solution transformed a grossly inefficient system that ran at full capacity all the time to one that greatly reduced facility cooling loads and energy use.

“Hill York did a seamless job from start to finish,” noted Mike Minotty, New Vision Eye Center’s facility manager. “They completely upgraded our mechanical and control systems, kept us in the loop at every stage, and enabled us to continue with business as usual throughout the project. Staff comfort, reliable system performance, and the addition of remote access are just some of the many benefits we’re enjoying.”

Empowering New Vision to obtain greater control over indoor climate and costs, the results have been exceptional. In the first three months of the energy management system, New Vision saved 27% over their previous spending. Through a convergence of services model that included system optimization and ongoing management and monitoring provided under an Energy Services Agreement, Hill York has nearly doubled the projected annual savings and continues to identify opportunities for efficiency gains. Based on usage reductions to date the New Vision Eye Center is on trend to outperform more than half of similar buildings in the ENERGY STAR® database nationwide for energy efficiency.

Download: New Vision Eye Center (PDF)