Jason-Katz-130.jpgJASON KATZ

Chief Financial Officer

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In the dynamic and challenging economic climate of business and commerce, Chip continually drives improvement by initiating and working through innovative changes. Chip has been with Hill York since 1984 and has served as Chief Executive Officer since 1999. He has been personally involved with a multitude of projects at Nova University and has helped pioneer and perfect their ice storage technology over the years. His out-of-the-box thinking creates an exciting corporate environment.

In his free time, Chip is always in for friendly competition including nerf fights, trivia and golf.

“Innovation is something new that creates value, makes lives more comfortable, provides inspired moments of happiness, stretches our world and amazes us again and again. Hill York has been leading the wave of innovation, targeted at separating us from the competition as well as protecting our successes far into the future.”