December 2012 | Leesburg Regional Medical Center Invests in Energy Efficiency | Partners with Hill York

Leesburg Regional Medical Center is committed to providing quality care and service excellence, which includes energy efficient operations. According to the Department of Energy, healthcare organizations spend over $6.5 billion on energy each year, and that amount is rising to meet patient needs.

Recently, LRMC and the Hospital’s Day Surgery Center underwent a major infrastructure improvement project that included advanced building controls, premium efficiency chilled water systems, energy recovery ventilators, an energy dashboard and ongoing energy services. The project also funded the replacement of several large pieces of HVAC equipment that were at the end of life. These initiatives have improved conditions for patients, the facilities operations and the environment.

“The project will fund itself through the reduced costs over the life of the systems installed,” said David Taylor, System Director of Plant Operations & Facilities. “By being more energy efficient, not only have we improved the overall environment and comfort of our facilities, but operational expenses for our organization will be reduced by approximately $175,000 per year. The return on investment is expected to level out in just four years.”

Through a collaborative vision with Hill York, Florida’s leading energy solutions provider, Leesburg Regional Medical Center has been able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing 230 passenger vehicles from Lake County roads each year.

“It was important to partner with a company that could not only help reduce our costs, but also implement and service those cost-reducing projects,” continued David. “Hill York has a track record of success in providing energy solutions to clients and working with them has been terrific.”

As a result of the program savings, Leesburg Regional Medical Center is in the process of evaluating a comprehensive Phase 2 Energy Project aimed at reducing operational costs in the boiler plant and improving overall energy efficiency at the Hospital’s North Campus facility. By being more energy efficient, LRMC has been able to reduce costs, prevent greenhouse gas emissions, improve the air quality of the local community and support its commitment to public health. View article on Leesburg website…LRMC Invests in Energy Efficiency

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