December 2013 | Hill Yorkers Visit the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital


Twice this year, Hill Yorkers have had the opportunity to make life more comfortable at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. This past October, Aisha Martinez and Cristina Oyola brought Halloween goodies to the hospital and created an hour for children to forget they’re sick and be a child at play. They created picture frames, Halloween masks, and enjoyed coloring while discussing dressing up, sports, and their favorite treats. In December, Aisha, Cristina and Hill York intern Alex, brought holiday ornaments and snowflakes for the kids to decorate and hang in their rooms. Their faces lit up as they saw their rooms transformed into winter wonder lands. Aisha summed up why she loves doing these projects: “It’s the smile it brings to a child with a sickness that no kid should ever have to face. One hour of my day to make their day is a no brainer.” The team can’t wait to plan more activities with the hospital in 2014. Hill York has been making life more comfortable for over 75 years; this is just one of the ways we do it.

Established in 1992, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital combines advanced technology and the expertise of the largest, most diverse group of board-certified pediatric specialists in the region. With its summer 2011 expansion, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital now has 204 beds and is South Florida’s newest freestanding children’s hospital.


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