December 2013 l Fishing for a Cause


Like many Floridians, Hill York’s Eddie Nowakowski and his son, Corey, fish almost every weekend. But for both of them, it’s more than a hobby or time to bond, it’s fishing for a cause.

Eddie and Corey are members of The Snakehead Hunters. The Snakehead Hunters are a group of fishermen who fish for Channa marulius, more commonly known as snakeheads. Snakeheads are native to S.E. Asia but are invasive to South Florida. The Snakehead Hunters fish for fun while working with cities in Florida to reduce the snakehead population. To take it one step further, Eddie and his son take a good portion of their catch and donate it to local food centers to help feed the hungry in the area. In case you were wondering, snakehead makes for some great eats!

Dubbed Frankenfish, snakeheads are some of the most ravenous species of fish that Florida or this country has ever seen. Their ability to breathe air, withstand water temperatures as low as 50 degrees and eat anything that moves or comes close to the water’s edge makes controlling the spread of this fish a challenge. This is where The Snakehead Hunters come in. By conducting Round Ups and promoting snakehead awareness and edibility, they are successfully reducing the spread of snakeheads in Florida’s fresh waters.

For more information, photos and some awesome videos of Eddie and The Snakehead Hunters, visit their website

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