July 2 | Hill York Launches WennSoft To Enhance Customer Service

Hill York has completed implementation of the WennSoft Signature Series as its new software solution to better serve customers throughout Florida. WennSoft will complement and enhance Hill York’s existing business processes and activities at its Florida offices, improving efficiency, database management, scheduling, reporting, and creating cost savings.

“We looked for a fully integrated system to track and quote Retrofit and Construction projects, manage and perform service and maintenance, and provide technology to support our field force,” said Ken Sadlowski, Hill York’s director of information technology.

Executive Vice President Mark Kerney led a months-long, multi-state search that culminated in the selection of WennSoft in January 2014. Implementation of the software began that April. “It took a while to find what we needed, but we made a great choice,” he observed.

“What’s exciting is we’re not done,” said Kerney, who told us that this is just one very large step in updating Hill York’s technology to Make Life More Comfortable. Technicians have also been outfitted with new smart devices which will pair with a mobile application that will allow them to see all the account details instantly. Additionally, a document organization application and customer relationship manager will be added in the coming days. Finally, a web-enabled platform is a part of the next stage of implementation to provide customer access to online information. “And wait until you see our Energy Dashboard,” Kerney added.

With the WennSoft having gone live on June 15, Hill York’s WennSoft project team advises customers to allow for the possibility of a few early stage hiccups and notes that invoices and other documents will have a new look. Customers are encouraged to contact them with any concerns.

“From a technology perspective, seeing the leaps forward Hill York has made from where we started to where we are now is very exciting,” said President and CEO Chip Lafferty. “Most importantly, it’s another way to let our customers know that we don’t just want to make their environments more comfortable – we are committed to making their lives more comfortable.”

Hill York welcomes customer comments and feedback on the WennSoft program at comfortchampion@hillyork.com.

Download: July 2 | Hill York Launches WennSoft To Enhance Customer Service | Press Release PDF

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