HVAC Preventative Maintenance for Melbourne Healthcare Facilities

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People seeking medical attention typically enter a Melbourne hospital with a higher-than-normal stress level. Whether it’s care for a newborn baby or administering chemotherapy to a cancer patient, maintaining pristine indoor air quality and thermal comfort is critical for all Florida hospitals. A neglected HVAC system can pose more than just inconvenience for hospital services. In addition to an uncomfortable environment, an unattended HVAC system can create a myriad of problems including:

• Circulation of airborne containments throughout the hospital
• Excessive energy costs due to clogged filters and overtaxed compressors
• High repair costs to repair entire HVAC systems or critical components that could have been saved with proper maintenance

Instead of waiting for problems to arise, Melbourne hospitals can take a proactive approach to air conditioner maintenance and reduce energy costs. Scheduled HVAC maintenance also can reduce the possibility of service disruption, indoor air contamination and costly repairs. Built into your operating costs, regular HVAC service can become a manageable fixed cost, necessary to keep the facility running efficiently.

Issues of Indoor Air Quality in Florida Hospitals

A patient’s condition can potentially worsen from a stay in a hospital with compromised indoor air quality (IAQ). Although all HVAC systems bear some risk of capturing and circulating toxins into the atmosphere, hospital environments are obviously more vulnerable than most facilities.

That’s why all Florida hospitals must meet strict IAQ and indoor environmental quality (IEQ) standards. Because Florida’s heat and humidity requires that most air conditioning systems run year-round, Florida hospitals must be more vigilant about IAQ than many facilities in other parts of the country.

A well maintained Melbourne hospital air conditioner system will accomplish several goals:

•Maintains optimal temperature and humidity control
•Reduces the risk of circulating airborne pathogens—properly maintained filtration system traps and removes respiratory-size particles, reducing the risk of microbes being circulated through the facility
Additionally, good IEQ can often be accomplished by using a multi-parameter demand-controlled ventilation system. This system automatically senses a variety of air pollutants, calls for increased ventilation rates and provides notification and tracking for hospital administration.

Choosing a Melbourne Air Conditioner Service Company

The best way to protect your patients and your hospital is to align your facility with a solid HVAC service maintenance plan. Melbourne, Florida healthcare facilities and hospitals can expect to experience substantially improved air conditioner service and a higher quality IEQ when they enter into a HVAC maintenance agreement with an established contractor.

Before signing with a Melbourne air conditioner service company, look for a few vital characteristics of a successful company:

•Is a MSCA Green Star and ASHE Healthcare Construction Certified contractor in Florida
•Employs licensed and trained professionals who can offer dynamic solutions to improved air quality and contamination control
•Has on staff qualified healthcare solutions consultants experienced in emergency management, hazardous waste operations, severe weather planning and hazard vulnerability studies for hospitals
•Has a history of Melbourne, Florida hospital air conditioner design, installation and maintenance
•Guarantees 24/7 service repair response
•Offers prompt disaster recovery response before and after events
•Presents a detailed energy saving strategy and ongoing scheduled hospital HVAC maintenance plan

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