Improving Indoor Air Quality for Entertainment Venues

Advanced IAQ Management and Air Conditioner Servicing. –

While your Orlando entertainment venue may feel comfortable, potentially harmful conditions may exist within your HVAC system without proper air conditioner servicing. A major concern in Florida buildings is indoor air quality (IAQ), especially with the hot, humid weather outside. Another major issue entertainment facilities face is managing energy and repair costs. Without regular air conditioner servicing, system repair costs and energy expenses can rise dramatically over the long-term.

Without regular maintenance, repair costs can be significant and even relatively minor equipment malfunctions can eventually lead to total system failure. Regular maintenance can help prevent that and ensure continuous service and long-term savings.

HVAC systems become increasingly costly for Orlando entertainment venue managers when filtration and ventilation systems aren’t monitored. Environmental contaminants can clog HVAC filters, making your system work even harder. Without attention, pollutants can circulate through the ventilation system, reducing the IAQ in the facility. Ongoing air conditioner servicing reduces overall energy expenses and maintains the integrity of overall IAQ.

Another way to improve IAQ is to implement advanced ventilation strategies that detect pollutants within your building. Two distinct methods can help you accomplish this task:

• Multiparameter demand-controlled ventilation can provide you with the technology and tools to sense multiple pollutants within the facility and modulate ventilation levels accordingly.
• IAQ and energy assessment systems are available that use wireless technology to monitor IAQ performance, energy and overall comfort levels.

Both methods allow your Orlando entertainment venue management team to monitor the IAQ and energy expenses. This monitoring may give you the ability to address repairs and air quality issues preemptively.

Florida Indoor Air Quality Issues

Maintaining pristine IAQ at your Florida venue may pose quite a challenge. From dealing with tobacco smoke to biological pollutants, Florida venue managers have to confront a laundry list of potential offenders.

Because Florida facilities must also be vigilant about mold and mildew growth, facility managers need to monitor indoor relative humidity levels. According to a report released by the Florida Legislature on indoor air quality, the top IAQ offenders are:

• Tobacco smoke
• Radon
• Asbestos
• Biological elements such as mold and mildew
• Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) such as pesticides, cleaning solvents and paint

One of the most effective ways to confront Florida indoor air quality issues is to partner with a qualified Orlando HVAC contractor who can manage and monitor the entire system. Filtration and ventilation attention will remedy the majority of indoor air quality issues, and regular system maintenance will keep the HVAC system running efficiently.

The Benefits of Green Air Conditioning Systems

The Florida entertainment venues that are able to ensure superior IAQ and reduced energy expenses have installed a green air conditioning system. Green air conditioning systems can be retrofitted into the existing HVAC system or integrated into new construction design. Going “green” has tremendous benefits for both IAQ and your budget:

• Reduce your Orlando venue’s carbon footprint
• Reduce HVAC energy costs
• Possibly earn LEED credits
• Many green energy efficiency HVAC solutions have a typical simple payback period of two years or less
• Lower the risk of airborne pollutants being re-circulated through the system

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