January 2013 | An Exercise In Champion-Caliber Integrity

The basic mindset of a Comfort Champion is simple: Do whatever it takes to exceed the customer’s needs and expectations. In this case, it was a potential customer’s first impression with Hill York that was at stake.

Hill Yorker Gesus Sainz de la Maza met the South Florida corporate facilities manager of an upscale national fitness club chain. Gesus became aware that the club was questioning work that their current mechanical contractor was recommending. He saw an opportunity and sprung into action, volunteering to bring his service manager and check the units in question. This simple act showed the customer that Gesus cared about their problem and sincerely wanted to help.

The club’s current mechanical contractor had informed them that a particular unit was leaking refrigerant and another very likely should be replaced. Gesus submitted a proposal to have a technician thoroughly inspect the units. Service manager Andres DeCordova showed up the next day. This was not an easy task due to the location of the units.

It turned out that none of the work the mechanical contractor recommended was needed. There was no refrigerant leak nor did the other unit have to be replaced. The coil simply had to be cleaned and the bearings changed. The customer was excited with the news as well as very impressed with Andres.

This genuine act of caring enabled Hill York to gain the customer’s trust and business. Along with taking care of the immediate problem, the corporate facilities manager also asked Gesus to provide a proposal for the maintenance of all three club locations in Miami.

It’s about acting with integrity and dedication to exceed customer needs and expectations. Our sales and operations team did an excellent job of adding value to show the fitness club that we are The Comfort Champions.

Nice work, Gesus and Andres. Gold medal performances all the way!

Julio A. Hernandez, Service Manager
Hill York Fort Lauderdale Branch

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