January 2013 | Making The Grade In Customer Confidence

The power of The Comfort Champions culture at Hill York is on display daily in the above-and-beyond performances of our employees. But sometimes the trust of a customer with special insight into the Hill York approach is what pre-empts our competition.

In 2012, we were asked to look at a problem at a nationally-recognized liberal arts college. When they hit a major dilemma with water flow in their building they knew who to call.

Upon arrival, John Lyons, west coast project manager, and Paul Maneely, account manager, took an overall look at the piping system in question. They identified the presence of constant air intrusion and determined that a plugged strainer was the cause. The bigger issue was that the isolation valves did not close completely and the college was afraid to drain the building before a scheduled big event.

John Lyons decided he could pull the strainer and clean it “on the fly,” a term that usually scares everyone as you never know when Murphy’s Law will rear up and make things go badly. But John, with the assistance of Chuck Partin, pulled the strainer without a hitch, which allowed water to flow and the building to cool better than it had in quite awhile.

The kicker to the story is the identity of the customer. The new chief engineer at the college formerly worked for Hill York and knew that we were the best team for the job. His personal experience told him that he was getting a company that brings industry-leading expertise and Comfort Champion passion that no one else can match.

We expect to see more of this customer in the future as work with the college comes available. He trusts our ability to turn problems into solutions and deliver “wow” experiences. After all, how could The Comfort Champions of Hill York do anything less?

Michael Blasi, Service Manager
Hill York Sarasota Branch

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