May 2013 | In Celebration of the Life of Brevard Deputy Sheriff Barbara A. Pill


Hill Yorkers are committed to community and have participated in person and in spirit to both annual benefits celebrating the life of Brevard Deputy Sheriff Barbara A. Pill who was gunned down while on patrol on March 6, 2012. Fellow Hill Yorker and rider Robert Holub writes “I remember leaving the office that afternoon and encountering the circling helicopters and multiple police cruisers, thinking to myself…something tragic has happened.”

Deputy Pill was a wife, mother and grandmother. She is long remembered for her dedication to service and with protecting and enriching the lives of others. She is the sister of our Gold Medal Partner Barry Bolte from Central Florida Health Alliance (CFHA).

The Annual Deputy Barbara Pill Memorial Ride events are sponsored by a local dealerships with all proceeds benefiting the Brevard Sheriffs Education Fund. This year’s event encompassed a 75-mile “police escorted” ride thru the country with live entertainment, food, and beverages provided.

Hill York graciously supports the Brevard County Sheriffs Department and honors the memory of Deputy Pill.

Event riders discussed in this article were Hill York’s Mike Murphy, Paul Dekany, Mike Mize, Darin Fackler, Tracey Parviainen, and Robert Holub.


One thought on “May 2013 | In Celebration of the Life of Brevard Deputy Sheriff Barbara A. Pill

  1. I just wanted to express my thanks to the guys that participated in the Deputy Pill ride. My father, Bill Gray was a Hill Yorker for 39 years. I even worked for Hill York for a few months myself when I was in school. I am now a Trooper with FHP. As a former employee, I wanted to say thanks!

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