Hill York Helps

January 9, 2017

Extends Comfort And Care To Team Members And Their Families

image-20191017090707-1.pngThe old saying “charity begins at home” rang especially true for Hill York in 2016. While Hill Yorkers participated in a diverse range of community service activities and met the Hill York Helps campaign goal for volunteer hours, their internal support of each other was equally impressive.

“We have a genuine close-knit family dynamic here,” said HR Director Monique Estevez. “It really comes out in all the different ways we show our compassion and support for each other through the year.”

Examples of Hill York and its employees stepping up for each other in 2016 are many, including:

  • An on-site Wellness Day arranged by Hill York for employees to get key health and risk factors checked by licensed medical personnel.
  • A group of 20 turning out for the first annual Florida Brain Aneurysm Foundation Walk in Fort Myers in honor of Hill Yorker Robert’s wife.
  • Hill Yorkers from two offices joining forces in Davie to rally each other for a team-building experience at Sheridan House’s Goliath Gauntlet Race.
  • Groups of Hill York volunteers mobilizing to put up shutters and plywood for co-workers unable to prepare for the threat of Hurricane Matthew.
  • Quarterly care packages sent to Hill York family members serving in the military.
  • Care packages for several Hill Yorkers welcoming newborns, with practical provisions like a 6-month supply of diapers.
  • A generous gift card for a first-time homeowner to help get up and running.
  • Financial aid from the Employee Relief Program, the Hill Yorker funded initiative providing emergency relief to co-workers in need.
  • The announcement of a Biggest Loser Challenge for 2017 to encourage Hill Yorkers to engage in a friendly competition to lose weight and lead healthier lives.

“We constantly strive to make life more comfortable for our customers and those in need in the community,” observed Estevez. “In 2016, we were reminded that embracing opportunities to do more for each other is equally important and rewarding.”

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