IBM Southeast Employees Credit Union

May 2, 2017

Hill York implements a comprehensive energy efficiency program to help IBM Southeast Employees Credit Union save $1,200 a month in energy costs at their Delray Beach branch.

image-20191016134829-1.pngProject Name and Location:
IBM Southeast Employees Credit Union
1000 NW 17th Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33445

Completion Date:

Project Scope:
IBM Southeast Employees Credit Union was chartered in 1969 and serves over 72,000 members from 16 locations throughout Florida and Georgia. In 2009, IBM Southeast opened an office in Delray Beach, Florida that included a branch, drive-through, call center and mortgage and lending offices.

As operations grew at the Delray Beach facility, IBM Southeast’s facility director noted higher than expected energy bills and an overall lack of control of their HVAC system. Turning to Hill York for help, he listed a variety of issues, including air constantly running at peak capacity and uncomfortable humidity levels throughout the building.

Hill York’s Energy Solutions Group conducted a detailed assessment of mechanical and control systems and began a series of critical upgrades to cut energy expenses and give IBM Southeast greater control over their indoor climate. Replacing an old air-cooled chiller with a new chilled water system was essential. But that was just a starting point for the improvements to come.

“We converted the branch from an outdated pneumatic building control system to a state-of-the-art Alerton energy management system (EMS),” explained Chris Grigsby, Hill York’s Controls Operations Manager. “It’s become the industry standard for maximizing building comfort, energy efficiency, and user operating flexibility.”

Drawing on experience as one of the fastest growing Alerton dealers, Hill York installed the Ascent Compass Solution, an open protocol BACnet solution. The platform provided a dynamic interface empowering IBM managers to remotely monitor and control indoor conditions from any standard Web browser and receive e-mail and text alerts when issues arise.

“Alerton’s DDC technologies use electronic sensors to evaluate inputs like temperature and humidity levels,” observed Grigsby. “It enables much higher accuracy with comfort control and gives operators the ability to monitor and change system operations instantly.”

Another key element of the energy management program was an upgrade of the building’s Variable Air Volume controls to incorporate Demand Control Ventilation (DCV). Instead of continuously ventilating the branch at a constant rate designed to accommodate the maximum number of occupants, DCV modulates the amount of outside air supplied to the building based on the actual number of people present.

“By reducing the amount of air that needs to be cooled, the DCV approach saves significant energy and improves humidity levels,” Grigsby pointed out.

Hill York’s cost saving solutions transformed an inefficient HVAC system that ran at full capacity all the time to one that greatly reduced facility cooling loads and energy use. The results have been nothing short of exceptional. The projected energy savings of $1,000 a month have in fact hovered around the $1,200 a month mark and the average relative humidity has improved dramatically.

For IBM Southeast Employee Credit Union’s Delray Beach branch, the Hill York-led conversion to an Alerton digital energy management system has provided the technology and user access to keep the cool air flowing at peak efficiency. And in steamy South Florida, less indoor humidity means a comfort level staff and customers can appreciate year-round.

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