November 2013 | 75,000 Pounds of Food and Supplies Delivered to Palm Beach County Food Bank during MSCA’s 2013 Conference


For its fourth year in a row, the Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA) partnered with Convoy of Hope to conduct a charity event. Prior to the conference, MSCA reached out to its members for help in raising $5,000 for the organization. Not only did MSCA raise money for Convoy of Hope but the event also created opportunities for attendees and their guests to donate their time to the organization. Hill York Executive Vice President Mark Kerney said, “The partnership with Convoy of Hope was dynamite. This is the second time Hill York has worked with the organization, the first being a trip to Haiti in 2012. Convey of Hope creates unique, fun opportunities to help our community and those in need around the world.”

Volunteers, including Hill Yorkers, unpacked thousands of pounds of food, assisted at a local food bank, and packaged food bags for children in need. The money raised before the conference was used to fill a tractor trailer with 75,000 pounds of food and supplies. The Friday before the conference officially opened, that trailer arrived at the Palm Beach County Food Bank and the volunteers, lead by Mark Kerney, began unpacking it. After unpacking, the trailer volunteers loaded up in a bus and headed south for Boca Helping Hands (BHH), a local food bank that received supplies from the trailer. Once there, volunteers labeled school bags, made sandwiches and packed grocery bags to be distributed to those who qualify for the various programs BHH offers. The last aspect of the MSCA/Convoy of Hope partnership was a Packing Party. During the Packing Party, volunteers assembled 72,000 bags of beans to help feed hungry children around the world.

Convoy of Hope is a 501(c)3 faith-based, nonprofit organization with the objective of delivering much-needed food, supplies and hope to the impoverished and suffering.

This year the MSCA had its best-attended event in the association’s history. The 2013 conference, held at the Boca Raton Resort and Spa in Florida, had 50 companies and organizations discussing the benefits of their industry-specific services. Highlights of the event included round table discussions, presentations, breakout sessions and the event with Convoy of Hope.

See videos of the event here:

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