October 2013 | Leesburg Regional Medical Center Foundation’s 16th Annual “Go for the Green” Golf Classic


On September 13, several of Central Florida’s corporate leaders, including Hill York, banded together to participate in the Leesburg Regional Medical Center Foundation’s 16th Annual “Go for the Green” Golf Classic.

Hill York was proud to be a Premier sponsor of this event. Monies raised are being used for projects that will improve both ER conditions and patient care for Leesburg Regional Medical Center. There are plans to build a 29 private-bed ER observation area, pediatric unit renovation and wellness track. In an effort to ease crowding in the Emergency Department of LRMC, the Foundation is embarking on a new $10 million capital campaign to add nine private observation rooms on the main floor of the hospital, close to the Emergency Department. There are numerous benefits to increasing the footprint of LRMC’s Emergency Department including a guarantee that patients will receive the highest level of care.

Hill Yorkers from the Ft. Lauderdale corporate headquarters, the West Coast office, and the Melbourne office rallied to show their support on the green. Of the many who attended were Executive Vice Presidents, Jeff Phillabaum, Mark Kerney, and Charlie Ewing, along with , Melbourne Area Manager, Rob Pulsifer, Director of Energy Service, Chris Mattson, Paul Maneely, Michael Mize, Robert Holub, and Tracey Parviainen.

The event was an exciting platform for all attendants to show support for quality healthcare at Leesburg Regional Medical Center Foundation. On the beautiful rolling hills of Mission Inn Resort & Club, supporters enjoyed an unforgettable day of networking, relaxation and friendly competition while benefiting a heartfelt cause.


Pictured l to r: Jeff Phillabaum and Rob Puslifer; customer David Taylor; Tracey Parviainen.

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