December 2012 | One Hill Yorker Walks To Create Better Lives For Those With Down Syndrome.

Hill York Supports Buddy Walk 2012

Every year for the past four years, our very own Jackie Hoxie and her family and friends walk to reach the goal of The Broward Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization – to enhance the lives of individuals with Down syndrome by helping them reach their full potential by providing family support, education and social activities.

The Broward Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization hosts the annual Buddy Walk event, held on North Hollywood Beach, FL. They successfully encourage families throughout South Florida to fight for a cause so dear to the hearts of many. Jackie writes “my family and I walk every year, for our child, for us, for our whole family – for every friend that we have made at Broward Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization – for every one of their beautiful children – and for every new baby that is born into our community. We will walk and help to raise awareness so that our children with Down syndrome are accepted as a wonderfully normal part of a very diverse community.”

For many years, Jackie has successfully enlisted a long line of Hill Yorkers to walk with her family. And this year Jackie’s contributions helped the organization raise approximately $62,000. If you would like to show your support for the Broward Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization, you can learn more by visiting

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