#SafetyCHAMP- Accident Prevention

All accidents are preventable. In most cases it is the hazardous decisions we make or distraction while walking or performing a task. Accidents can happen to ANYONE on a construction job, at the office, or on a service call. EVERYONE should know how accidents can be recognized, and prevented.

The Seven Root Causes of an Accident

It might involve walking a few feet to lock-out and tag a switch, get a better tool, or get a better view. It might involve spending a few extra seconds to wait for the “walk” signal, or get a better view of the roadway before entering the roadway.There are seven common root causes people have accidents:

  1. Taking Shortcuts
  2. Being Over-Confident
  3. Starting a Task with Incomplete Instructions
  4. Poor Housekeeping
  5. Ignoring Safety Procedures
  6. Mental Distractions
  7. Failure to Pre-Plan the Work

Ask yourself which of these seven root causes can I improve on? Even in the office we ignore good housekeeping or in our vehicles were a cup or bag can roll under the accelerator. Be alert and conscientious of your surroundings and on the tasks you’re performing.

Safety is everyone’s business; at home and at work

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