#SafetyCHAMP- Power Strips

Power strips are lengths of electrical sockets that allow multiple appliances to be powered. However, as with all types of extension cords, they should be used sparingly and temporarily with small appliances and electronics rather than as a substitute for a permanent wall receptacle. Their improper use may pose a potential for shock or fire hazard.

When we purchase a power strip that is not UL listed because of price, we need to understand the reason for the lower pricing. The UL listing represents the product has undergone rigorous testing having the manufacturer pass on the cost to the consumer. If the power strip does not have a UL listing on the back, it’s probably good for thirty days. After 30 days it poses a fire hazard in your home or office. It is recommended you check the power strips at home ensuring they are all UL listed and that they do not have high energy appliances like a blow drier plugged into them.

Safety is everyone’s business; at home and at work.

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