#SafetyCHAMP Preventing Personal Injury

I often wonder why anyone, at home or at work, would make decisions to take shortcuts or simply make a decision that would put them in harm’s way.

  • We stand on the top of a ladder rather than getting a taller one.
  • We wear open toe shoes rather than changing into steel toe boats.
  • We carry more than we should, rather than getting assistance.

The thing is, situations aren’t dangerous until we make them dangerous. We don’t work in a dangerous workplace, but rather we turn a hazardous environment into a dangerous one. Simply put, not doing what we instinctively know we should puts yourself and others at risk. Too often these types of decisions lead into an accident to oneself or others.

When someone makes the decision to change their environment from hazardous to dangerous, one has to ask why? Usually it’s because we’re too busy to make a change or to pause and consider it.

Preventing personal injury is a safety goal that every individual should take pride in each day. Human decision is the number one cause of almost every injury while at home, at work, or driving. Make smart decisions to be safe and you will be able to see your family every night giving your children a loving hug.

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