September 2013 | Hill York President & CEO Chip Lafferty Donates to Launch Florida Institute of Technology’s Football Team


Hill York’s President & CEO Chip Lafferty was honored to participate in the coin toss during Florida Institute of Technology’s inaugural football game, Saturday, Sept. 7. As a proud supporter and founding member of FIT’s Football Club, Chip made life more comfortable for the sold out stadium of Panther fans.

Panthers head coach Steve Englehart had high praises for the community and the Florida Tech students as he reflected on the atmosphere of the game. “Unbelievable,” Englehart said. “I hope it’s like this every home game because this was a real, true college football game and it was a college football atmosphere.” Of the many fans cheering in the stands were Hill York’s Executive Vice President Mark Kerney and the Lafferty clan.

What began as a series of setbacks for the FIT team resulted in a dramatic comeback and a surprising first time, first game win for the Panthers and a roaring stadium of 5,400-plus Panther fans. The Panthers pounced on the opposition with a 20-13 final victory over Stetson University.

As one of twelve donors that helped launch a new era for Florida Tech athletics, Hill York will continue to show its support for FIT’s football program as a member of the Football Founders Club. When asked about his membership to the Founder’s Club Chip stated, “An excellent university plays a major role in the overall well-being of the community in which it resides. Florida Institute of Technology is one such university! With a curriculum that has a major orientation in the aerospace industry, FIT enriches the lives of the citizens and businesses of Brevard County. A strong football team is one more key to rounding out the cohesive role that FIT serves in the community. As a local business interested in Making Life More Comfortable for the community’s citizens, Hill York considers it a privilege to be a member of the Football Founders Club.”

All in all it was an exciting day for the Panther team and their prideful fans as they began their first season as a unified football team with this victory to be remembered.

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