Hill York offers more than 75 years of experience.

Services Page Photo 2Hill York continues to be recognized for its visionary leadership and its superior craftsmanship in the design and installation of energy-efficient cooling systems. Its advanced equipment and engineering solutions continue to evolve, set industry standards and remain unsurpassed. When you place a call to Hill York, it is not just a service call to us, it is a partnership. We make sure your entire air-conditioning system works properly and efficiently, and the job is done to your satisfaction.

Service Repair & Maintenance

Preserving and extending the life of commercial building air conditioning equipment is a Hill York strong suit. We’re also a pioneer in partnering with customers to create maintenance agreements tailored to their equipment and facilities. Learn more.

Energy Solutions

Hill York’s Energy Solutions Group is dedicated to providing strategic energy-saving solutions to new and existing commercial buildings. Learn about the keys to achieving maximum long-term facility efficiency and energy savings that typically range from 20 to 40 percent. Learn more.

Critical Environments

Services Page Photo 1Critical Environments require specialized protection and care to ensure no downtime. We have unique strategies that provide one of a kind service for data centers, server rooms, network closets, network operations centers, telecom areas, and more. Find out how Hill York can help. Learn more.


The Hill York retrofit/replacement team brings exceptional project management skills to the design and construction of your cooling system, on spec and on time. Click here and count on us. Learn more.


Building a comfortably cooled, energy-efficient facility is a process. Hill York has it down to a science. Find out how we provide a single source of HVAC construction services that ensure peace of mind and great project outcomes. Learn more.


Lock in your building’s comfort with a HYStat smart technology thermostat from Hill York. We make it easy with 24/7 remote monitoring, fast response maintenance, and a contract as simple as a handshake. Click here to keep your air and savings flowing. Learn more.