Chiller Plant Optimization

Optimize the performance of your chiller plant with Hill York’s Energy Solutions Group.

Chiller-Plant-Page-Photo-300x200.jpgHill York’s clients are businesses from all sectors that turn to us to co-author customized energy solutions.  They inquire about maximizing their equipment performance when servicing, retrofitting, or design/building HVAC systems for their facilities and we have the answers.

In an effort to reduce energy costs and environmental impact, Hill York’s Energy Solutions Group partners with its clients to provide performance testing and verification of both air- and water-cooled chillers.


  • Most chillers, even new ones, aren’t operating close to their rated design performance.
  • Most owners of chilled water systems are paying too much for their cooling.
  • Even small changes in condenser or chilled water flow, temperature differential, or power quality can significantly affect chiller performance.

What is the Verification Process?

The Verification Process involves an assessment of the actual performance of an existing chiller using calibrated, NIST-traceable instrumentation. We measure the electric power input and thermal energy output of the machine using portable ultrasonic flow meters with temperature sensing to calculate total BTUs. Utility-grade KW meters are used to obtain specific chiller power requirements over a wide range of operating conditions.

By measuring and recording the chiller’s electrical power (KW), chilled water flow, supply and return temperatures, condenser water flow, outside air temperature and dew point, a profile of the chiller’s actual performance can be determined.


  • Knowledge is Power: Understanding what drives a majority of your energy costs.
  • The ability to make informed data-backed decisions to support energy efficiency improvement programs.
  • Assurance that your chiller plant is operation at peak performance.