Providing the best in integrated HVAC system control and monitoring.


Delivering strategic energy saving solutions to our clients’ means putting them in control. As an award-winning commercial HVAC controls contractor, Hill York is uniquely qualified to help facilities managers and building owners create more comfortable environments while reducing energy use and maintenance expenses.

Hill York’s in-house expertise includes certified controls engineers, energy engineers, and field technicians who have completed design and implementation coursework at leading training centers. Our team has installed and integrated multiple controls lines with a focus on the future and keeping pace with changing needs. Our partnership with Alerton Control Systems symbolizes our commitment to empower clients to readily adapt to evolving technology.


Alerton Control Systems

Hill York’s Energy Solutions Group believes in protecting and leveraging our customers’ investments. So does Alerton Control Systems. That’s why Alerton products remain backwards compatible, giving users the ability to expand and integrate existing functional systems with new and improved technology offerings.  Alerton’s self-learning routers mean that as new standards and media types develop over the years, users can extend their existing building energy management system without costly reconfigurations or replacements.

What’s more, Alerton systems work with BACnet®, Lon®, Modbus® and many other open communication protocols providing unmatched freedom to integrate with other building devices, including meters, third-party equipment, and systems such as access, security, lighting, and fire and life safety.

As part of the Honeywell family, Alerton Control Systems is one of the world’s leading building energy management system manufacturers, with distribution in more than 50 countries. Winner of the Controls award for excellence, Hill York is part of a worldwide network of Alerton dealers, connecting Florida clients with cutting-edge innovation and experience in control solutions for energy efficiency programs.

Alerton’s systems are well suited for the largest building complexes and multi-site applications, yet still cost effective in very small installations. The key: Basing products on a powerful control platform, and including innovations such as an on-board Web server on controllers. Even with a smaller footprint, users get maximum performance for minimal up-front costs.

Alerton’s dependable, comprehensive products deliver a one-two punch to the bottom line. The solutions last and are designed for growth, so users enjoy a faster, better return on their investment. These controls are easily installed and serviced by Hill York, with the potential to save significant maintenance costs over the long term. To date, we’ve successfully implemented energy management systems for such prominent Florida clients as:

  • Marriott Grand Vista
  • One Sarasota Towe
  • The Humane Society
  • Central Florida Health Alliance
  • The City of St. Pete Beach
  • The City of Clearwater
  • The City of Port St. Lucie
  • Ringling College of Art & Design
  • PGA National Resort & Spa
  • Hill York (Main Headquarters)

Advanced Control Strategies

Backed by our extensive Alerton Controls expertise, Hill York has executed dozens of results-driven strategies to support building energy management and dramatically reduce life-cycle costs. Impactful strategies include:

  • Variable Speed Pumping – Using variable frequency drives on pump motors to allow for a reduction in pump energy consumption.
  • HVAC Optimal Start/Stop – A control logic based conservation measure that reduces energy consumption by running systems as required by loads and not solely by time of day schedules.
  • Discharge Temperature Reset – A controls strategy that alters the supply temperature set point of HVAC equipment during low load conditions to reduce energy consumption.
  • Dual Stage Exterior Lighting Controls – Employing photocells and time clocks to ensure exterior lighting is enabled only when required.
  • Contract Natural Gas – Exploring the potential of a negotiated commodity gas contract for volume purchasers to realize significant cost savings.
  • Natural Gas Sub-Metering – Continuously monitoring natural gas consumption to identify inefficient equipment and potential gas leaks.
  • Demand Limiting – Reducing power loads during time periods when power is at a premium cost.