Energy Service Agreements

energy-efficiency-graphic-300x270.jpgMany companies across Florida need to curb energy usage through facility efficiency and utility cost management to keep a competitive edge in their respective market.

By committing to an Energy Service Agreement with Hill York, you gain a group of experts who serve as an extension of your staff, managing and monitoring your energy use to reduce costs and enhance performance. Our full team of Certified Energy Managers, LEED Accredited Professionals, Certified Demand Side Management Professionals, and Energy Engineering Specialists analyze building performance on an ongoing basis. They track trends, identify issues, and make recommendations that spark improvements, cost reductions, and efficiency gains over the long haul.

We simplify the process for your facility managers, both by serving as the remote troubleshooter for equipment and system performance, and by keeping your operations in synch with improved energy strategies.

Our Energy Service Agreements include:

Utility Analysis

Our energy experts regularly analyze data that can significantly affect utility costs, including year-over-year change in consumption, building occupancy, year-over-year utility expenditures, and climate variations. We bring valuable visibility to usage trends that drive energy costs, helping you prioritize where to implement change for the biggest gains in savings and sustainability.

Benchmark Assessments

At the foundation of our analyses are extensive ENERGY STAR® benchmark assessments that compare your building’s usage profile with similar buildings and types of operations nationwide. With your site data benchmarked through ENERGY STAR®, Hill York’s team of engineers can pinpoint your score and use it to reveal energy performance deficiencies, implement improvement measures and capitalize on savings opportunities.

Utility Bill Analysis

Is your energy expenditure in line with similar buildings and operations? Is your tax rate appropriate? Hill York reviews invoice data over one to two years to reveal operational achievements or shortcomings. We conduct a comprehensive audit to ensure the correct amounts are being billed. If they’re not, we identify the problem and begin the process of correcting issues, containing costs, and, in some cases, recouping losses.

Continuous Monitoring and Management

With decades of experience and an emphasis on meticulous diagnostic testing, Hill York is without equal in detecting and correcting problems related to energy management of commercial HVAC systems. Our top team of hands-on operational engineers gives you insights and solutions – you reap the rewards in optimized performance and lower long-term energy expenses.

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