Energy Solutions

Co-Authoring Solutions for Maximum Efficiency and Savings.

Hill York’s Energy Solutions team develops cost-saving programs with our clients that complement their missions and financial requirements. These customized programs reduce existing operating expenses and improve facility infrastructure, all while significantly easing long-term environmental impact.

Our proven team brings extensive experience in all forms of cost savings to the table. We consider the following in determining programs with the best lifecycle cost benefits for our clients:

  • Reduced energy cost and consumption
  • Reduced service and maintenance costs
  • Utility rate structures
  • Utility rebates and incentives
  • Federal grants
  • Tax deductions

Energy Reduction of 20-40%

Our programs are strategically designed to be self-funded through maximum energy efficiency and cost savings. In other words, we create programs for clients that generate energy savings while reducing operating expenses that can be reinvested into their facilities. Our track record of success produces typical energy reductions of 20 to 40 percent, with documented results as high as 60%.

Benefits Beyond Dollars

Programs that save energy and reduce expenses are just the start. Energy Solutions partners gain a wide-range of additional advantages that add value to every dollar they spend:

  • Improved overall indoor environments
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved productivity
  • Consistent high-quality learning environments for schools
  • Instruction on optimizing energy performance and lifecycle benefits
  • Facility marketing power through achieving ENERGY STAR Certified Building status.

Energy-smart moves create pleasant, productive, and in-demand facilities. Hill York is there before, during, and after, educating clients and implementing solutions that generate all the right rewards.

Energy Service Agreements

Maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing operating costs requires knowledge in many technical areas. It also demands an in-depth understanding of the impact of changing utility rates and equipment performance. By committing to an Energy Service Agreement with Hill York, you gain a group of experts who serve as an extension of your staff, managing and monitoring your energy use to reduce costs and enhance performance. We simplify the process for your facility managers, both by serving as the remote troubleshooter for equipment and system performance, and by keeping your operations in synch with improved energy strategies. Learn More…

Energy Dashboard

Hill York’s Energy Dashboard is being regularly monitored and analyzed by our team of energy engineers. The intent is to identify anomalies, while providing a user friendly interface to track your portfolio’s energy consumption and cost.

The table below is a snapshot of Hill York’s client base, ranked by ENERGY STAR Score. Facilities scoring 75 or higher qualify for an ENERGY STAR Certification.


$6 Million In Savings (PDF)
Energy Grant Hopefuls Win Funding (PDF)

Where does your building stand? Contact us to find out how to set-up a dashboard for your portfolio.

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Chiller Plant Optimization

Most chillers, even new ones, aren’t operating close to their rated design performance, causing their owners to pay way too much in cooling costs. We partner with clients to provide performance testing/verification of both air and water cooled chillers. Our verification process involves an assessment of the actual performance of an existing chiller, measuring and recording its electrical power, chilled water flow, supply and return temperatures, and other key factors. We create an accurate performance profile that gives you the assurance that your chiller is operating at its peak, and the ability to make informed, data-backed decisions to support energy efficiency improvement programs. Learn More…



As South Florida’s local ENERGY STAR Partner, Hill York knows businesses will benefit financially by continually improving their management of energy resources, and the environment benefits from reduced levels of related pollution. We are proud to offer services and products that can assist businesses who have committed to the goals of ENERGY STAR.”

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