Maintenance Agreement

service-repair-graphic-300x215.jpgWhen you need a full service contractor that offers a full array of energy smart air conditioning services from concept to completion, maintenance to repair, and everything in between, we’ll deliver knowledge, guidance, assurance, and solutions.


Reduce outrageous equipment bills, maintain budgets and avoid costly and untimely repairs with a Hill York Maintenance Agreement. We offer plans tailored to specific equipment and facility needs.

Benefits of a Maintenance Agreement include:

  • Improved efficiency of your air conditioning systems
  • Extended life of your air conditioning system
  • Early detection and prevention of costly repairs
  • Lower energy cost
  • Protection against system neglect not covered under warranties
  • A comfortable environment for a more productive day
  • 24/7 on call technicians
  • Discounted labor rate for the term of the agreement
  • Technician communication and recommendation of any additional repairs or needs

Need a Hill York Maintenance Agreement Proposal?

Call to arrange an equipment evaluation today, and with no obligation, we will custom-tailor a maintenance agreement proposal for you. Should you decide that our evaluation and submitted proposal meets your expectations, authorization is simple. Hill York aims to build client relationships that last a lifetime, so once you give us the green light we will fast-track the setup of a convenient maintenance schedule that works for you and the productivity demands of your building.