Spring Cleaning Tips to Extend the Life of Your Commercial Air-Conditioning Equipment.

Spring Cleaning Tips to Extend the Life of Your Commercial Air-Conditioning Equipment.-

As we quickly approach the summer months there are several questions you should ask yourself about your COMMERCIAL air conditioning equipment.

For your roof top equipment you should check all of the seams to make sure they are properly sealed to keep water out. Check to make sure all panels and screws are in place, replace any that are missing. Rinse down all condenser coils and check for proper tie down of the equipment. Check all drift eliminators on roof top equipment to make sure they don’t need to be replaced due to rust and corrosion. These protect you from water intrusion.

Cooling towers should be cleaned and free of debris. Water flow properly balanced for optimum water flow across the fill to ensure maximum cooling effects. Check chemical treatment and remember to recheck it as the rain season begins because increase rain leads to additional biological growth.

How often are you checking your filters and replacing them? An impacted filter can cause a lot of damage to your system. Be sure to keep them replaced and dated to remind you when they are due to be replaced again.

This time of year we see more insects. We recommend you check all your electrical enclosures to be sure they are sealed tightly to avoid insect infestation and electrical problems.

This is a great time of year to de-scale pipe that is rusty and paint it to prevent further corrosion.

When was the last time you performed an Eddy Current Test on your chiller to identify tube wear due to improper water treatment, abnormal wear, stress corrosion, tube pitting and damage due to tubes freezing? It is generally recommended an Eddy Current test be performed every three years. Why should I perform this test? Because when a tube fails it allows water to enter the refrigerant side of the chiller and this forms an acid which attacks the internal metal surfaces. The results of such can be catastrophic. This test can detect potential failures and repairs can be made.

Link to a sample Eddy Current http://www.taiservices.com/Docs/TAI%20Eddy%20Current%20Report.pdf

Hill York offers all of the above and will put together a check off list for your facility and price as requested for any or all of these preventative maintenance services.

Before selecting a South Florida air conditioning service company, look for a few vital characteristics of a successful company:

• Is a MSCA Green Star and LEED Certified contractor in Florida
• Employs licensed and trained professionals who can offer dynamic solutions to improved air quality and contamination control
• Has on staff qualified disaster recovery solutions consultants experienced in emergency management, hazardous waste operations, severe weather planning and hazard vulnerability relief
• Has a history of Florida-based, commercial air conditioning design, installation and maintenance
• Guarantees 24/7 service repair response
• Offers prompt disaster recovery response before and after events
• Presents a detailed energy saving strategy and ongoing scheduled HVAC maintenance plan

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  1. Thanks for a great article. I’m really think about getting into the commercial side here in North Carolina. Looks interesting working on those giant systems

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