#SafetyCHAMP- Accident Prevention

All accidents are preventable. In most cases it is the hazardous decisions we make or distraction while walking or performing a task. Accidents can happen to ANYONE on a construction job, at the office, or on a service call. EVERYONE should know how accidents can be recognized, and prevented.

The Seven Root Causes of an Accident

It might involve walking a few feet to lock-out and tag a switch, get a better tool, or get a better view. It might involve spending a few extra seconds to wait for the “walk” signal, or get a better view of the roadway before entering the roadway.There are seven common root causes people have accidents:

  1. Taking Shortcuts
  2. Being Over-Confident
  3. Starting a Task with Incomplete Instructions
  4. Poor Housekeeping
  5. Ignoring Safety Procedures
  6. Mental Distractions
  7. Failure to Pre-Plan the Work

Ask yourself which of these seven root causes can I improve on? Even in the office we ignore good housekeeping or in our vehicles were a cup or bag can roll under the accelerator. Be alert and conscientious of your surroundings and on the tasks you’re performing.

Safety is everyone’s business; at home and at work

#SafetyCHAMP Program Produces Injury-Free 2015 At Two Florida Locations

What does it take to have no accidents at two company service areas for an entire calendar year and see a drop in incidents at two others?

“It’s about moving safety from just a bunch of policies to a way of life,” said Luis Moreno, Safety Director at Hill York, Florida’s leading commercial air conditioning and energy solutions company. “That level of awareness requires a program that inspires employees to take ownership of securing worksites, enhancing procedures, and protecting co-workers and customers from risk and injury.”

The Program

Launched in 2014, the #SafetyCHAMP program has been instrumental in improving on-the-job risk avoidance and reducing the number of injuries and time lost by employees in Hill York’s four Florida service areas. The company logged one of its best safety years ever in 2015, with an accident-free record at its West Palm Beach and St. Petersburg locations and a decline in reported injuries at locations in Melbourne and Fort Lauderdale.

“All Hill Yorkers deserve a lot of credit for their hard work and vigilant attitudes in achieving this impressive safety record in 2015,” said CEO Robert “Chip” Lafferty. “The #SafetyCHAMP program’s results are evidence of a successful partnership with our customers and each other that keeps the focus right where it belongs – getting everyone home safe.”

According to Moreno, the #SafetyCHAMP program is supported by daily checklists, practices and procedures that help reduce risks and stop injuries before they happen. A daily 7 a.m. text message provides additional safety tips and cautions. Its popularity among employees has led some to even opt their spouses and children into getting the morning safety reminders by texting HYSafe to 95577.

“The best defense is always prevention,” he observed. “That means wearing protective equipment when activities warrant them, following safe practices in all situations with consistency and diligence, and making choices that favor risk avoidance over risk taking.”

An outgrowth of The Comfort Champions – Hill York’s company culture and commitment to make life more comfortable for customers and employees – the #SafetyCHAMP program is proving to be a critical business component with a direct impact on health and wellbeing. And that’s no accident either.

The Company

A full-service commercial air conditioning company, Hill York provides system maintenance, service, repairs, energy solutions and installation for a wide range of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Founded in 1936, the company serves the state of Florida. For more information, visit www.hillyork.com.

January 2016 | #SafetyCHAMP Program Produces Injury-Free 2015 At Two Florida Locations