#SafetyCHAMP- Accident Prevention

All accidents are preventable. In most cases it is the hazardous decisions we make or distraction while walking or performing a task. Accidents can happen to ANYONE on a construction job, at the office, or on a service call. EVERYONE should know how accidents can be recognized, and prevented.

The Seven Root Causes of an Accident

It might involve walking a few feet to lock-out and tag a switch, get a better tool, or get a better view. It might involve spending a few extra seconds to wait for the “walk” signal, or get a better view of the roadway before entering the roadway.There are seven common root causes people have accidents:

  1. Taking Shortcuts
  2. Being Over-Confident
  3. Starting a Task with Incomplete Instructions
  4. Poor Housekeeping
  5. Ignoring Safety Procedures
  6. Mental Distractions
  7. Failure to Pre-Plan the Work

Ask yourself which of these seven root causes can I improve on? Even in the office we ignore good housekeeping or in our vehicles were a cup or bag can roll under the accelerator. Be alert and conscientious of your surroundings and on the tasks you’re performing.

Safety is everyone’s business; at home and at work

#SafetyCHAMP- Accident Prevention

If human decision is the number one cause of accidents, then people’s attitudes play a vital role in preventing injuries. Accident prevention begins with the driver’s attitude. Studies show there are five attitudes attributing to most injuries. They are:
• Anti-authority
• Impulsivity
• Invulnerability
• Macho
• Resignation
Reviewing each one of these attitudes, it’s safe to say we have all experienced at least one at work, at home, or while driving. Normally when we experience one or more of these attitudes, we have turned a simple task into a dangerous situation thereby increasing the chances of an injury. Accidents do not just happen; they are caused. Most accidents happen as a result of an unsafe or poor attitude. Research shows bad driving attitudes often cause unsafe acts, which are the cause of most accidents.