New Florida Building Codes in Effect

It is now July of 2015, which means that the fifth edition of the Florida building Code is now in effect. The updated codes are now mandatory for all new construction or rehabilitation projects that will result in safer, more sustainable buildings and homes. You can read through all the new Florida Building Codes, 5th Edition here, but I will attempt to summarize some key changes in the Energy Code.

Before specifically stating the prevalent changes the Energy Code, the changes will increase capital costs, increase soft costs, decrease operational costs, dampen utility infrastructure demand, and improve asset value retention. This essentially means that a little more upfront cost goes a long way to improving sustainability of valuable infrastructure and improving value.

The new Energy Code now requires buildings to be 19% more efficient than the current compliant building and commissioning is now required for lighting controls and hvac systems over 40 tons. These changes will require a larger focus on sustainable development by thinking through whole building efficiency as well as individual system efficiencies. This change is in line with the trends that we’ve been seeing throughout the industry that Hill York is already ahead of. You can read about those trends here and here.

Simple Tips for Efficient Meetings

Something that all business, big or small, must deal with are meetings. Not only are meetings crucial for a sales professional, but also for an effective office team. Meetings happen within all organizations everyday and many employees could have the majority of their day tied up in meetings. Efficient meetings save time and money and there is an easy way to conduct well run meetings; “small talk” vs. “real talk”.

Small talk would be anything that comments on the traffic, weather, parking, etc, that does nothing for the direction or content of the meeting.
Real talk skips the worthless banter and directs the meeting from the second you enter the room to set the stage for the meeting.

Here are a couple points that will lead to an effective meeting both internally, and with a potential client.

Internal Meeting
• Make an agenda
• Invite only crucial participants
• Designate someone to keep it moving
• Bring something to write with

Client Meetings
• Know who you’re meeting
• Research the organization and individual
• Pay attention to anything that gives insight on their personality
• Craft a story or pitch that tailors to that personality
• “Winging it” and hoping for the best doesn’t cut it