Hill York Sets Safety Bar High At Soaring Hard Rock Expansion Project

Everything about the $1.5 billion expansion at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood is huge. There’s the 35-story hotel tower shaped like a guitar, the 7,000-seat performance venue, the 141,000 square feet of meeting space, and a Pacific Island-inspired 10-acre lake.

With an undertaking so massive, protecting workers from risk and injury is a task that’s equally large, requiring a vigilance that sometimes even exceeds OSHA standards. Such laser focus comes naturally to Hill York, whose allout commitment to safety has evaluated risk avoidance practices at the project site and drawn praise from the Hard Rock expansion’s general contractor Suffolk-Yates.

“Our journey as a safety-focused company has been a growth experience of profound cultural impact,” observed Jeff  Phillabaum, Hill York President. “The #SafetyCHAMP program we launched in 2014 has taken us from the repetitious mastering of practices and procedures to instinctively making smart safety choices in all work situations and activities. It has become a core part of who we are that’s always at the forefront of our thoughts, words and actions.”

Hired as the HVAC contractor for several phases of the Hard Rock project, Hill York quickly activated its OSHA-educated, #SafetyCHAMP-enhanced safety practices. Each day Hill York projects begin with a team huddle to review the planed work and secure the job site. Equipment and site conditions are inspected and the availability of needed materials and protective equipment is confirmed.

In continuing Hill York’s emphasis on enhancing procedures to reduce incidents and injuries, other measures go above and beyond OSHA regulations. A daily Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is completed by the project superintendent and available for crew members to verify safe performance requirements for scheduled tasks. Equipment inspections are done daily and the corresponding reports are kept at the scene for timely review. A weekly meeting considers key aspects of the work involved for each active job and identifies the equipment, precautions and manpower necessary to perform safely.

“For a complex design-and-build project like the Hard Rock expansion, protecting everyone from accidents and injuries needs to be a top priority,” noted Phillabaum. “It’s a credit to our #SafetyCHAMP program and the Hill Yorkers who’ve made it a way of life that we’re able to play a lead role in this important area and inspire those around us to adopt a safety-first mindset.”

The Hill York team for the Hard Rock project is proud to be recognized for adhering to the highest standards while serving as an example of how to do safety the correct way.


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