#SafetyCHAMP- Cell phones at Gas Pumps

Cell Phones… A couple months ago, reports surfaced of incidents where drivers suffered burns and their cars severely damaged when gasoline fumes ignited at the gas pump. What was originally thought to be cell phones producing sparks from their battery packs and metal exteriors is now looking like the build up of static electricity, which occurs from normal activity.

As a precaution, mobile phone makers have printed precautions in their user handbooks that warn against mobile phones in “gas stations, fuel storage sites, and chemical factories.” Many fuel companies have also placed “warning stickers” at their gasoline stations. The threat cell phones at gas pumps pose is primarily the result of their ability to produce sparks from the build up of static electricity.

To prevent any build up while at the fuel pump, simply exit your vehicle and immediately “ground” yourself by touching the plastic part of the payment interface. This safely discharges any built up static electricity and will prevent any accidents like the ones described above. Please discuss this issue with friends and family members.