#SafetyCHAMP- Safety Data Sheets

We all know Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are documents that contain information on the chemical make-up, use, storage, handling, emergency procedures, and potential health effects related to a hazardous material. SDSs are prepared and written by the manufacturer of the material. How can this information be used at home?

Poison Control Centers in the United States get more than 2 million calls a year about potential exposure to hazardous materials. Most exposures occur in the home and 80% of all poisonings are in children between the ages of 1 and 4. Check out this list of ways to prevent such an event here. If an accident does occur and you drive the child to the hospital or call EMS, have the container readily available as doctors will be hesitant to treat an individual without knowing the exact chemical. The back label serves as SDS providing important information needed to treat the person.

The safety guidelines learned at work should always be practiced at home.

Safety is everyone’s business; at home and at work.