#SafetyCHAMP- Proper Lifting Techniques

Proper Lifting Techniques

Improper lifting causes back injuries that can take months and even years to heal. In order to avoid discomfort and pain, basic techniques for lifting should be followed. Here is an extensive video on proper lifting techniques.

  • Know how heavy the load is. If over 75 pounds get help.
  • Ensure the travel path is free of debris or obstacles that can make you fall.
  • Get a firm footing, feet apart, one slightly behind the other for good balance.
  • Get a good grip. If the object you are lifting has sharp or ragged edges, wear gloves.
  • Stand close to the load and squat down making sure to never bend down to lift anything; always lift with your legs and not your back.
  • As you rise, lift with your legs keeping your back straight.
  • Carry the load close to your body.
  • Never twist your body to place down a load. Move your feet and position yourself in front of the drop area.

Safety is everyone’s business; at home and at work.