Vital Details on Developing a Hurricane Preparedness Strategy…


Vital Details on Developing a Hurricane Preparedness Strategy for the 2012 Hurricane Season.-

South Florida business owners and facility managers of all industries including: Education, Healthcare, Science &  Bio-Technology, Hospitality, Arenas & Entertainment, Government, and Data Centers should begin preparation for the upcoming 2012 Hurricane Season.

Officials at NOAA stress the necessity of developing an operational hurricane relief plan. This should be a continuous plan of defense and preparation against any impending hurricane emergency that threaten the lives and productivity of the community and its enterprises. It is suggested that these step by step hurricane preparedness plans be strategized, documented and acted out year after year for consistent disaster relief planning. It is also suggested that businesses conduct thorough risk assessments of their property and facilities. South Florida businesses are faced with the challenge of issuing through safety measures and are urged to develop a strategy to get their business back up and running as quickly as possible. This plan should be assembled with input from all the employees and should account for every facet of the business’ operation.

South Florida business owners and facility managers should have a plan worked out far in advance for staying in touch with employees, including a phone number those employees should contact – one outside the designated area code, which may be inoperable during a hurricane. Additionally, all vital documentation should be backed up and readily available in the event of a necessary evacuation, including payroll, account information, contacts, and tax records. Investigate alternatives for relocation to ensure the infrastructure there can support the business and provide the necessary materials, storage space, maintenance facilities, etc.

Choose a South Florida HVAC contractor with demonstrated capabilities in dealing with hurricane recovery.

It is imperative to have a full-service mechanical air-conditioning contractor on hand to assist in your hurricane preparedness planning. Do your research and investigate the pre-storm service methods of your chosen air conditioning company. These services generally include helping to prepare their facility for a storm, once a threat has become imminent. It usually involves putting up storm shutters, securing exposed equipment, shutting down systems to prevent electrical damage, etc. When faced with an impending hurricane or storm, the demand for manpower far outweighs the supply so make sure you select an air-conditioning company with the manpower to withstand and support before, during and after a storm. Be sure to select a licensed, full-service mechanical contractor in the State of Florida with demonstrated experience maintaining, servicing, repairing and retrofitting energy based solutions for cooling towers, chiller plants, condenser units, chilled & condenser water systems and emergency mobile chillers.

Most mechanical contractors are limited by their license to normally perform the work of their specified trade. However, in emergency situations, be sure you choose an air-conditioning contractor that is able to quickly make non-permitted repairs in order to protect life and property. Choose an air conditioning service company with the demonstrated ability to be on-site immediately after a storm passes. This will further ensure you are protecting your facility from further damage.

Work with a South Florida HVAC Contractor that hires self-reliant technicians that are experienced, knowledgeable and comfortable with hazardous situations. There are only a handful of air-conditioning companies that partner with sub contracting companies to further support and assist trades often threatened in a hurricane scenario (electricians, roofers, plumbers, elevator repairmen, etc.), so inquire on the ability to work with multiple trades simultaneously to ensure you experience little to no down-time.

A true Fort Lauderdale air conditioning expert has the data and research to back up any specific claims so be sure to partner with an experienced HVAC company furnished with the full-service capability of emergency response and hurricane / disaster recovery.

Before selecting a South Florida air conditioning service company, look for a few vital characteristics of a successful company:

•Is a MSCA Green Star and LEED Certified contractor in Florida
•Employs licensed and trained professionals who can offer dynamic solutions to improved air quality and contamination control
•Has on staff qualified disaster recovery solutions consultants experienced in emergency management, hazardous waste operations, severe weather planning and hazard vulnerability relief
•Has a history of Florida-based, commercial air conditioning design, installation and maintenance
•Guarantees 24/7 service repair response
•Offers prompt disaster recovery response before and after events
•Presents a detailed energy saving strategy and ongoing scheduled HVAC maintenance plan

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